Friday, February 1, 2008

#15 - Cook at least one home meal(s) a week (10/143)

This past Tuesday I decided to have a GNI (girls night in) at my new home.  As hostess I prepared the main entree, cheesy jambalaya!  It's a healthy meal to boot.  D  The girls arrived around 6:30pm and I gave everyone a tour of the house.  The great thing about GNI is that everyone contributes!  Amanda brought bread, Jenn brought a tomato mozzarella and basil appetizer as well as salad, Jenn B brought a chickpea salad and Brandy, Charlotte and Renee brought the desserts.  What a wonderful spread of delicious foods and a variety of wines to savor.  It was a fun evening and the company was excellent.  We'll have to do it again!  Maybe I can turn this into #103 on my list.

Brandy and the jambalaya img_3055 img_3057

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