Thursday, July 28, 2016

Ryland's 1st Tri! Moxie Tri

Ry competed in his very 1st Tri in June, the day after we returned from the beach.  We had to get up super early to make it to the staging zones before they closed.  I think we were up at 5:30am, left the house by 6:15am so that we arrived early enough to park and set up in transition before it closed at 7:30am.  The Rookies started at 8am, followed by juniors and seniors.  Ry had to swim 25 yrs (1 length of the pool), ride 1K (0.6 miles) and run 400m.  We are so proud of our little guy, he did AWESOME and took 2nd place in the Rookies!!  Way to go Ryland!

Ready for the Moxie Tri 6/12/2016

Roadrunners unite!

Ready to start the swim

He swam like a fish!

finishing up the bike portion

Coming in hot to the finish line, he's a fast runner.

So proud of you Ryland!

2nd place in Rookies

Carsy cheered for her big brother in style

Summer Beach trip to Port A

It's been 2 years since we last went to the beach, so we planned another visit to Port A with family in early June!  Steve and Lil C flew into town with their littles and we drove down to Port A on a Tuesday.  We stayed at the lovely Spinnaker House which had a community pool right across the street and a boardwalk to the beach (of course we usually drove to the beach with all our gear).  Our 1st evening there we stayed close to home and enjoyed the community pool, Wed-Fri we spent at the beach, and Saturday headed back home after breakfast.

The kids had a blast!  The 1st day on the beach Carsy wasn't too sure about the ocean and it took her all day before she'd wade into the water.  Ry couldn't wait to get to the beach, he'd been talking about it for months, so he jumped right in!  Harper and Mason loved it all.  On the 2nd day a couple teens were fishing and they caught a baby shark!  They brought it on land to show the kids before releasing it back into the ocean.  The kids were fascinated with the shark and blue crabs.

I made the mistake of not reapply sunscreen on the 1st day so I was badly sunburned.  I didn't let it stop me though from enjoying the awesome weather and beach.  We only went out for dinner one night, the rest of the time we cooked at the house.  This worked out well as the littles were exhausted once we left the beach, in fact Carsy crashed about 5pm every day, and she rarely takes naps!

Overall this was an excellent family vaca.  The kids are old enough to entertain themselves so that us adults can relax as well.  :)  Even the car ride was easy, thank goodness for DVDs.

Ferry ride over - me and Car-Car.  6/7/2016

Malek and the littles on the Ferry
Cooling off in the pool 6/7/2016
Carsy refused to get in...
Happy kids
Good morning!  6/8/2016

They loved holding 'baby' Harper :)

1st day at the beach 6/8/2016
Carsyn digging in the sand
Harper is all giggles
Carsy didn't care for the water the 1st day, she kept her distance

she preferred to hang out in the back of the van

the boys playing in the ocean

strolling the beach

cutie and she knows it

building sand castles

the birds!

they love playing together

brother and sister


Day 2 at the beach. 6/9/2016

Cheetos walruses

the canopy was a life saver


my little lady

my big boy

kids were done by 2pm. 6/9/2016

Ready to go out to eat

Ry got a hold of the selfie stick
Opa and Juju

yup, we're related :)

Dinner at Virginia's on the Bay

I always get a picture with this dolphin

Jaws of life


Day 3 at the beach. 6/10/2016

my hubby

Carsy body surfing

they love those seagulls

digging holes with Opa

enjoying each other and the water

they love feeding the seagulls 6/10/2016

The beach wore her out every day

relaxing with technology

Group shop before we head home. 6/11/2016

Time to head home, on the ferry.  6/11/2016