Monday, October 26, 2009

7th Annual Halloween Spook-tacular!

 This past Saturday was the 7th Annual Halloween Spook-tacular!  The party was a huge success and everyone had wonderful costumes.  Malek and I went as gangsters, using our characters from Mafia Wars as our inspiration (El Chivo and Ziggy Blue Eyes).  Tammy and Chris had some very creative costumes, Snoopy and Woodstock (all home-made!).  Kim & Mark were the perfect pirate couple, the Queen of Hearts had a royal good time, Marie Antoinette paraded around in her awesome shoes and Jen W made an awesome Uhura.  Check out the link below for many more great costumes and fun pictures.

Webshots album:

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by cfreund

Pirates!    Snoopy and Woodstock

Jenn, Kelly, Karen, Amanda, Tina      Kim, Jen, Tina, Jenn, Renee, Amanda 10/24/09

Brent, Tammy, Erika

Friday, October 23, 2009

#44 & 45

I've been doing an excellent job on #44 - working out 3-4 x's a week.  Mostly running since the Race for the Cure is coming up.  Plus there's the Cap 10K in April.  I blog about all my workouts on DailyMile.

#45 - I've lost a few lbs, hoping to lose more before the wedding, not at goal yet.

Friday, October 16, 2009

La Dolce Vita food & wine fest

Last night was the 20th anniversary of La Dolce Vita. This year Malek, Karen, Monica and Kyle all came out to enjoy the event. The food was awesome! Crazy enough they started running out of wine at about 7:30pm. Glad we got there early! We all had a great time, definitely worth it!  We even ran into some local clowns from the clown crawl!  Pretty crazy huh?  Candy the Clown recognized Tassels (Malek) and Brian (Spanky the Pig clown) was there as well.  Good times!

3 Amigos, La Dolce Vita 10/15/09

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My first MSU basketball game!

Can you believe I've never seen an MSU basketball game???!!!!  For shame!  Well, this year I will!  I just bought tickets to watch MSU vs UT in Dec.  They are nose bleed seats but I don't care, so looking forward to it!

This really should be on my 101 list...maybe I'll change #100 [private] to an MSU basketball game.  :-) 
I forgot what the [private] one was anyways...Yup, this is now #100 on my list!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wine & Cheese delight!

I had a great time Saturday night for my bday. Thank you to everyone who attended and made it wonderful!

Jonathan & the bday girl 10/10/09   Sitting pretty eating our cheese and drinking wine! 10/10/09   Malek, Tammy, Chris 10/10/09 

Dana, Bobbie, Sara 10/10/09    Kim and Christina 10/10/09

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fully into my 30's....

This Saturday I'll be turning 31! Wow, this seems to have made more of an impact to me than my 30th b-day did. Guess it's because I'm now fully into my 30's. :-P Oh well, I'm still having a ball and loving life!  Bring it on! :-) I'm really looking forward to my party, all the wine & cheese and great friends.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Got the Photographer!

I'm so excited! We confirmed with the photographer today and he's sending over the contract. Randy Tinney came highly recommended by my friend Jenn. He's photographed several of my friends weddings and I'm thrilled to have him for our wedding. :-)

Check out his site!

Randy Tinney Photography