Friday, August 3, 2018


It wouldn't be like me if I didn't post an injury update here and there. Something Carsyn and I have in common.

I went to my sports Dr today for my foot (and knees) and had xrays taken. Verdict is I can run (YAY) and the culprit is plantar fascia of the medial cord insert (BOO!). Not much I can do but stretch it, wear heel cups, no barefoot walking, etc. I can run but I need to come back in slowly and take it easy. Guess I caught it early enough to recover more quickly this time (hopefully). Check out my xrays, I have a wicked bone spur on my heel, you would have thought that was the culprit, but no. Oh! The straight on shot of my foot is showing an navicular OS (extra bone) on the inside of my arch, I had it removed when I was young and it grew back! UGH!

On another (kinda sad) note, I had my knees examined. They have bothered me for years. Turns out I have osteoarthritis (OA - wear and tear of the joints) and Patellofemoral Syndrome (overuse from vigorous athletics = pain). Yup, I was afraid it was that. The Dr actually said I was pretty young to have this much arthritis already...This means I need to do more cross-training, less high impact, take up biking/elliptical/rowing (WTF! I'm so not any of these) AND reduce running. My Dr cringed when I told him I had 4-5 halves in the next 6 months. Long story short - I can run, but the longer and harder distances will result in payment later (think knee scopes/replacement). So my full marathon days are officially over (never say never?), and I'll need to run less half marathons a year.

When I wreck myself, I go ALL THE WAY. Also attached are my xrays from 2005 when I broke my hip from my very 1st half marathon. Pretty nifty eh? Just call me bionic...cause soon my knees will be there...I think my body has been trying to tell me for years to stop running...but I don't listen.

link to pictures

In the past 2 days I decided to make a list of all my injuries/surgeries/etc.  I find it impressive.

  • Extra bone removed right foot – elementary school
  • Right hand pinky finger fractured playing VB (splint) – HS (95/96?)
  • Several sprained ankles w soccer/VB - HS
  • Wisdom teeth removal - sometime in HS
  • Lasik (eyes) – March 18, 2005
  • Left hip femoral neck break (surgery, screws in hip) – May 2005
  • Softball to the chin, line drive, 9 stitches - June 2010
  • C-section – April 2011
  • Plantar fasciitis in both feet – May 2012
  • Stress fracture left foot – Sept 2012
  • C-section – Oct 2013
  • TFL (Tensor fasciae latae) left hip strain – Aug 2016 – Dec 2016
  • Broke right pinky toe – Sept 2017
  • Plantar fascia right heel (medial cord insert) – Jun-Aug 2018 (and still going...)

cracked femoral neck 2005

screws to fix my hip

amazing heel spur - July 2018

extra bone grew back - Jul 2018

softball to face = stitches, June 2010

broken pinky toe Sept 2017

broken pinky toe

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Ry turns 7!

My little boy is growing up so fast!  I can't believe he's now 7 years young; reading, protecting his little sister and mastering his humor/teasing.  He's such an amazing, loving, handsome, sweet, caring, kind, funny, intelligent, energetic little guy full of life and smiles! You love your family, friends and football and put all your heart and energy into everything you do. You make us very proud and we love you very much!  💝🎂🎉🎁


This year we celebrated his birthday with a batman theme 🦇 at DARTemUP.  We dressed up in bat apparel, engaged in nerf battles, played arcade games and ate pizza and batcake.  All in all an excellent time was had.  Ry was super excited to share his birthday with friends and family, and we couldn't have asked for better weather too! 

batman cake and cupcakes
A big thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated Ryland's 7th birthday with us❣ 💗

For a full recap go to MyMomsMemmos
All pictures located here

bat family

Friday, April 20, 2018

Cap10K 2018 - New PR!

I didn't run this race last year as I was still babying my hip, so this year I was determined to run it, especially since this was the 1st year they offered a medal!

A big thank you to Brian and team HEB, their tent rocks every year!  Free ice-cream, breakfast tacos and massages for the win!

This year was unseasonably cold!  We left the hood around 5:15 am so that we had plenty of time to park and hit up the potties.  We were waiting at the start line for almost an hour and hardly anyone was in the corrals.  We figured out later it was because they were all hiding in buildings to keep warm!!  It was 44 degrees at the start, overcast with 3 mph winds.  Burrrrrr!


ladies of beef


The cold weather did make for a great run!  We were only freezing before and after the shivering blue lips cold!  I pretty much stayed with Jessica the entire race, she was my white rabbit.  :)  Thanks to chasing her I hit a new 10K PR!  We actually had the same exact chip time, what are the odds!?

My official chip time:  53:25 at an 8:36 pace for 6.2 miles.
My Garmin time:  53:28 at an 8:30 pace for 6.3 miles



Pfelly's and HEB tent

1st Cap10K medal!!

We only hung out at the HEB tent for maybe an hour max.  We were all just too cold.  I made sure to get my free massage before we left.  After we got home and took hot showers, we met at Rio Grande for a celebratory lunch of queso and margs!!! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Texas Independence Relay recap 2018

2018 was my 2nd year to run TIR and my first time as Captain!  Jenn and I decided after last year we should start our own team with the Pfelly's group.  Since we ran with a well organized team last year, we were well prepared by leveraging some of their timing sheets and expertise.  Being captain was a whole new ball game, it was up to me to make sure we had all the material, hotel accommodations, rental vans, gas cards, team shirts and checklists put together for the team and both vans.

I registered our team back in Nov/Dec of 2017, and the rest of the team members just had to make sure they were registered by the end of Feb.  It took a while to settle on a team name, but we finally agreed on Salamis & Mommies (S&M), with Rihanna's S&M as our theme song.  Recruiting and making sure we had all 12 runners + 2 designated drivers was a bit nerve wracking, but thankfully we secured all the spots.

I almost waited too long to book our hotel rooms for Gonzales.  I called the first week of January thinking I had plenty of time and most of the hotels were already booked!  Thankfully Sleep Inn & Suites still had enough double queen rooms to book us all together, we needed 4 rooms total.  Whew!  That same week I also called around for rental vans and ended up booking with the same company as last year, LongHorn Rentals, they were the most affordable and had a TIR discount!  So glad to have the big items out of the way.

Next came our team shirts.  So glad Tutuy stepped up and took over designing our team logo.  I started checking out shirts from Dicks, Academy Sports, Walmart, etc.  Eventually Jenn and I went to Target and finally found some tanks we liked for the team.  I made sure to get everyone's sizes and placed a bulk shipment order.  My neighbor, Angela, printed the tanks for us as well as our designated driver t-shirts.  They look awesome!  We had a meet and greet at the end of January to pass out shirts and go over all the info and any questions everyone might have.

Team shirts!

Finally our weekend had arrived! There were a lot of last min reminders sent out the week leading up to TIR.  I printed off a gazillion directions and cut up running leg instructions, purchased the gas cards for the vans, food, packing, etc.  Everybody met at my house between 5-5:30 pm so we could load up, decorate the vans and head out to Blacks BBQ.

Team S&M
Van 1 feeling 'good', on the way to BBQ

Blacks BBQ
Carb and protein loading.  #teambeef!

We spent the night in Gonzales at the Sleep Inn & Suites.  Our official start time was 6:58 am on Saturday, so we went to bed around 10:30 pm and were up at 5 am.  We wanted to get to the start a good 45 mins-1 hour early just in case. Thankfully the hotel put out their breakfast early for us runners.  We parked and picked up our bibs around 5:45 am, hit the potties, took pics and waited to start.  They were actually ahead of schedule and we were called up to the start line by 6:50 am.  The 1st mile we all ran as a team, and since I was the team captain I got to continue on with the 1st leg.  BOOM!

Ready to run!

I enjoyed my 1st run as it was still dark (I should have worn my reflective vest) and overcast.  Unfortunately it was already 70 degrees and a bit muggy.  Half way through my run it started to get more light out where I didn't need my headlamp.  I saw NO ONE on my run as we were spaced out from the start by a good 5-10 mins, therefore I didn't get any kills.  I averaged a 9:34 pace for my first leg.

running in the 1st leg

1st leg complete!

we always selfie

Grab that @$$!
funny guys just had to copy us

Van 1 finished around 11 or 11:30 am and we found a tex-mex restaurant for lunch.  Afterwards we headed straight for the exchange point to try and nap.  Van 2 had much faster runners than van 1, so our recovery time was shorter.  By 2 or 2:30 pm we were off running again.  Now it was HOT!  Full sun, 88 degrees but felt closer to 98 on the road.  IT WAS BRUTAL.  Poor Michelle went out too fast and the sun got her, Jason had to finish off 0.7 miles of her run, which apparently pissed off another team and from then on we were in constant competition with the Regulators.

before starting our 2nd legs...chillin

Michelle's 2nd leg - oh the heat...and still digesting lunch

I started my 2nd leg (#16) around 5 pm.  I was lucky because just as I started some clouds came out and the temp started to drop a bit, plus there was some nice wind.  I ran with a cold towel around my neck and ice in my bra.  Every mile or so someone would come out and pour cold water over my head and back to keep me cool.  I decided not to push it during this run and I averaged a 9:56 pace.  Again no kills as we were in the we were in the lead I have no idea, but we knew the faster teams would catch us during the night runs.

Love this shot of me running in, gorgeous!



Here's where we started getting into the night runs.  We met van 2 around 8 pm for the switch off.  We drove around for a bit to find a sandwich shop them went to the exchange point to sleep.  A couple of us got out our sleeping bags and slept outside the van.  Unfortunately our exchange point was also at a train crossing!  Every 30 mins a train would drive by and blare their horn!  This did not bode well for sleep.  I think we started running again around 12:30 am.

Jenn starting her night run
My 3rd and final leg (#30) was around 3:30 am and I was the last one to run in our van.  Again the low was only 70 degrees and now we were in Houston so it was extremely humid.  As our van and the Regulators were the only ones still out front, we didn't see anyone on our runs, therefore again I didn't get any kills.  This was probably my longest leg and I averaged a 9:47 pace (stupid humidity).  The nice thing about this run is that the store we ended at was giving out free breakfast tacos!  Food for the win!

Once we ate our tacos and changed, we drove straight to the last exchange point which also happened to be the END.  Since we were downtown Houston we couldn't sleep outside (too many homeless people), so we all had to squeeze in the van.  I think I managed 2-3 hours of quality sleep at this point, even though the van started to get fairly humid after a couple hours (we couldn't leave it running for AC).  Around 7 am we all slowly got up, a few of us found a Starbucks for some coffee, hit the rest rooms and waited for van 2 to arrive.  The nice thing about being so far ahead was that all the port o potties were still clean and fully stocked!  Van 2 finally arrived after dropping their last runner and we all headed to the top of the tower to wait for Chris and run in as a team.

TIR tower
waiting for Van 2 to arrive
the tunnel
Waiting for our last runner
Our last runner came in around 9 am!!!  It was so awesome to be the 2nd team across the finish line.  This did not mean we placed, in fact we actually were 30 in our division and 52 overall.  I was able to video us all running in the last 0.1 miles together.  It was such a different ending this year as we didn't go to San Jacinto, but oh so much more enjoyable as it was 20 miles shorter!

That's a wrap!

After we finished we grabbed some free beer, our 3 pizzas for the team and took some group pics.  By this time it was 10:30 am and we were ready to head out.  My van, van 1 went straight home.  Van 2 actually found another tex-mex restaurant to celebrate.  I did try and get our van to have a celebratory mimosa on the way home but no-one seemed to be up for drinking except me.  Everyone just wanted to get home and showered.  We arrived back at my house around 1:30 pm.  So much earlier than last year!  In fact I was able to make it to Ry's soccer game at 3 pm!  I was mentally out of it for the rest of the day and Monday.  Recovering from sleep deprivation is rough and takes longer than you want it to.

celebrating afterwards with mimosas 

Over all a very successful TIR experience and my first time as captain.  :)  I'm sure we will all run it again next year, though I'm hoping to pass on the captain torch.

Medal and captains bib

Monday, February 26, 2018

Austin Marathon - Complete!

The marathon of my nightmares, the race I had been dreading all season was finally here.  ATX marathon weekend had arrived and I was ready.  It was a good thing my bestie Jenn made us run the new course 2x's as part of our 17 & 21 mile training runs, that really helped mentally and physically prepare us for the hills and course.  But let me back up, how did we get to marathon #3 after having such an amazing #2 that could not be topped???  Well, it was on Jenn's bucket list to run the Austin marathon for her 40th birthday, so of course I was going to support that initiative and I figured I at least had to run the marathon in my home town. We also managed to rope in a lot of the Pfelly's (our neighborhood running group of friends).  7 of us signed up for the marathon and 9 for the half.  My goals were to finish in under 5 hrs with a stretch goal of 4:30, oh and of course not die a horrible death.  Let's do this!!

The beginning of the week was nice and cold, in the high 30s/low 40s for morning runs.  However by Thursday temps had jumped up to 64 degrees in the morning!  The forecast was also calling for rain and high humidity, I kept having flash backs to our horrible weather conditions for 3M .  We were all praying for better weather.  At least all of our runs this week were only 3 & 4 miles, we had some amazing quick short runs and loved that it didn't consume our entire morning.  PLUS it was carb loading week!!!  I made a ton of waffles on Sunday which I ate every morning with sausage links.  I also made chicken and rice for dinner several nights, on Valentine's day I ate drunk noodles (pasta from Thai Spoon) and plenty of bread throughout the week.  Saturday evening was our #teambeef dinner.  We had a very similar meal as our 3M dinner, except this time the beef tenderloin was served warm.  I only had 1 alcoholic drink all week, 1 glass of red wine on Valentine's day.  I was going to try abstaining from alcohol for 2 weeks before the marathon but that didn't happen.

Side note, I realized 4 days after the race that I totally forgot to do my runner nails!  Oh well.

The Expo:
Several of us headed down to the Expo on Friday after lunch.  This year it was at the Palmer Events Center instead of the Austin Convention Center so we couldn't take the metro-rail.  The Expo was OK, unfortunately I didn't find any cheap shoes for me but I did find my marathon coffee mug and an awesome Wonder Woman running tank top!

ATX Marathon runners unite!

We found Ashley!  Crush it!
Expo swag, the marathon bag even came with a pair of running socks!

Saturday was really busy with kids sports in the morning, a baby shower early afternoon, later we dropped Ry off at a friends for a sleep over and took Carsyn to my parents house for the night, then we headed to the Team Beef dinner at 6:30pm.  Dinner consisted of fancy salad, mashed potatoes, grilled veggies, angle food cake & berries for dessert and beef tenderloin slices which were served warm instead of cold.  Everything tasted great!  I totally stuffed myself and went back for seconds.  As we were leaving I grabbed a couple of Team Beef signs for the littles to hold up during my race.  We got back home around 8pm so I had plenty of time to get all my race gear ready.  For the first time ever I decided to wear a skirt for a long race.  The Dona Jo skirts are amazing and stay in place so I wasn't concerned about chafing.  I also packed a bag with a change of clothes afterwards since we'd be going straight to lunch after the race.  I packed a couple new Gu's as well, toasted marshmallow and Campfire S'mores (which were awesome by the way!).

I finally hit the hey around 10:30 pm but I guess I was so anxious that I couldn't sleep.  I ended up taking 3 Advil PMs and 2 melatonin pills.  I still woke up every hour starting at 1 am.  My alarm went off at 4:45 am.  Despite the lack of sleep I got up no problem and felt wide awake.  First thing I did was check the weather: 52 degrees, cloudy/overcast, misting the entire time (5-15% change of rain), 93% humidity which dropped to 88% around 11 am, 1-3 mph winds.  This actually made me happy as it was 10 degrees cooler than 3M!  I made myself half a mini bagel with peanut butter for breakfast then drove over to the FP clubhouse to meet the rest of the ladies for our carpool downtown.

Day's husband was nice enough to drive us downtown so we didn't have to worry about parking.  We left the hood around 5:30 am and arrived at the start line around 6 am.  Plenty of time for stretching, pictures and potties.  My body knew it was a race day and I went to the bathroom 2x's before even leaving my house, then again when we got downtown.  After pictures we headed to the corrals and lined up with the 4:25 pacer, I ate my 1st Gu and waited for the race to start.  The gun sounded and we started to make our way to the start line, it took us 10 mins to finally cross the start line.  The start line had some awesome colored lights and smoke displays.  So exciting!! I couldn't believe race day was actually here and we were gonna do this!

Pfelly's running ATX!  4/18/2018

In the start line, Ready or Not here we go!

Our strategy was to go slow...running between a 9:50/10 pace the entire race.  The first 3 miles were at an incline and we had to painfully force ourselves to slow down and fight our starting adrenaline to prevent burn out.  Miles 4 & 5 were down hill and we ended up going a little faster, I had to keep telling ourselves to slow down.  At mile 6 we passed the team beef cheer station, GO BEEF.  When we hit mile 8 we mentally reset as that is where we started both training runs in preparation for the marathon.  We were feeling good and knew we could finish it!

Mile 1 - 9:57, M2 - 9:46, M3 - 9:36, M4 - 9:24, M5 - 9:26, M6 - 9:35, M7 - 9:42, M8 - 9:49

At mile 6, waving on #TeamBeef!

Miles 8 & 9 took us up Lake Austin Blvd, past Hula Hut, and then we turned onto Enfield for miles 10-12.  Enfield is very hilly and I was concerned how'd I do since I didn't have fresh legs.  Amazingly enough the hills didn't even bother us, we were ready for them!  We took that final King of the Hill on Enfield like a boss and passed the half marathoners split off and continued left onto Guadalupe.  It was at this point Jenn spend up a little and pushed ahead of me, I stayed at my 9:50 pace but always had her in my sights.  At this point I put my headphones on and listened to music while trying to spot our family and friends cheering for us.  Guadalupe was a nice straight away to 45th street.  I loved that I could recognize my surrounds and knew what to expect out of the course.  Somewhere around mile 17th was my first sighting of my family!  The hubby came out with the littles and my dad to cheer me on with their home made signs.  I saw them again around mile 18.5 and gave them high fives, no stopping for me!

M9 - 9:46, M10 - 9:47, M11 - 9:41, M12 - 9:45, M13 - 10:05 (recovery from that last hill), M14 - 9:46, M15 - 9:51, M16 - 9:50, M17 - 10:01, M18 - 10:01, M19 - 10:08

The signs my family held up for me during the race.

Somewhere around mile 18/19 I think

Having a grand ol' time

Usually around mile 17/18 my hips start to burn, however this time I noticed everything still felt pretty good.  No hip issues, lungs felt great, breathing was easy.  The only thing that hurt was the bottoms of my feet from slapping the ground and of course my knees were aching/sore (fairly typical for this distance).  At mile 20 we passed another water stop and I saw my previous boss passing out water, I was able to get his attention in time for him to wish me good luck before I was gone.  Miles 21-22 was another straight away, then we had a short stint on 5th street before turning onto Cesar Chavez.  I had been waiting for this road!  I knew the end was near as we only had about 3 miles to go.  I can do this, there's only a 5K left!!  I caught up and passed Michelle just after mile marker 23, close to the gas station.  Around mile 24 I saw Jason, he ran with me for a bit and tried to get a video but it didn't save.  I was in such a good mood, giving 2 thumbs up and super excited to almost be done.  FINALLY we hit Waller street/mile 25, those 2 miles to that street felt like forever!  At this point I briefly caught up with Jenn and gave her some encouragement before she sped up, I also skipped my last Gu.  We were within a few seconds of each other as we were winding ourselves through the last few turns.  Then came 11th street and the final doozy of a hill (how mean to put this hill right before the finish!).  I realized once we hit the incline that I still had energy to burn!  I turned it on and kicked it up that hill, the rush of knowing the finish was only 0.4 miles away had my adrenaline soaring and increased my speed,  Jenn was only 20 seconds behind me.  I turned the corner and there was my family!! I could see them right in front of the finish.  I sped over for a quick high five and flew across that finish line.  OMG!!!!  I was done, I felt great, we had survive and I had beaten all the goals I set for myself.  🏃 

M20 - 9:58, M21 - 10:05, M22 - 10:18, M23 - 10:25, M24 - 10:15, M25 - 10:24, M26 - 10:15, Last 0.36 miles - 3:36 (9:56 pace)

My official race time was 4:21:11 (9:58 pace), I was so close to beating my Houston PR of 4:18:51 (9:52 pace) and Austin was a tougher course by far!  
My Garmin said I ran 26.36 miles in 4:21:13 (9:55 pace).

feelin good
Coming in hot and happy!

Excited to cross the finish line!

The 3 amigos

We did it!  ATX marathoners!!!

Worked my butt off for this medal!

tracking results

Splits from my Garmin

Jenn and I downed a couple bottles of water as we worked our way out of the finishers  corral.  Our families were waiting for us at the very end.  I was so happy to see my littles and excited that they were able to witness me run this race.  Since this event was sponsored by High Five they had a beer garden at the end!  I had 4 free beers to drink, which I shared with the hubby and my dad.  I did manage to grab 2 snack bags at the end of the race which I gave to the littles as they were hungry.  By this point I was starting to shiver from the cold and my right knee briefly locked up for about 5 mins.  It was still around 55 degrees and overcast and my body temp was dropping rapidly.  Thankfully the hubby brought my change of clothes with him so I went into a nearby restaurant to change.  We met up with Day and Shelley in the beer garden and finished our beers while Malek went to get the car.  He picked us up not too far from the finish and we headed to Pint House Pizza for a celebratory drink(s) and food with everyone.

Celebratory lunch at Pint House Pizza

The medal is also a belt buckle!

I'm super stocked with my time and performance. The weather was awesome!! 52 degrees, overcast and misting the entire time. I even had energy at the end to kick it up that last hill and finish strong!! I couldn't have done it without my training partners Jennifer and Michelle. And big kudos to my hubby for navigating traffic and road blocks to bring my dad and the littles out to see me race! I loved seeing the signs they made for me.  All the support from my friends on the course made this race an amazing experience.

the day after - coffee in my race mug

My thighs were sore for 4 days after the race.  By Thursday I could finally get up and down without groaning and felt mostly normal.  My inner most toe on my right foot was a little tender, it had obviously been rubbing up against my toe box.  However thankfully I didn't get any blisters or black toenails.  AND I had almost zero chafing and none of it was on my inner thighs!!!  I only chafed a tiny bit on the inside of my right arm from rubbing on my pack, and then a little on my backside where I think my pack rubbed on my skirt tag.  Other than that I was practically unscathed!

I did go for a run on Friday, but it was horrible and my knees protested the entire 2 miles.  I ran again on Sunday and am happy to report everything felt back to normal. 

Race prep:
What I ate:  I carb loaded 7 days before the marathon and tried not to drink any alcohol 1 week before (I caved and had 1 drink on Valentine's day).  I ate lots of waffles and syrup for breakfast, pasta and chicken & rice.  The day before the race I drank lots of water and tea. Saturday evening was the Team Beef dinner, we had salad, bread, beef tenderloin slices, grilled veggies, mashed potatoes and angel food cake with berries for dessert.  Breakfast the day of the race was 1/2 a mini bagel with peanut butter and water.  I ate a Gu every 5 miles during the race and one Gu 10 mins before the race started, I did skip my last Gu which would have been at mile 25.  I had my hydration vest so I didn't have to stop at any water stops.
What I wore:  Dona Jo skirt w/ side pockets, beef tank top, stuff your bra (more pockets!), hat, Garmin Vivoactive HR watch, hydration vest, Brooks Glycerin shoes (sz 10), spenco earthbound insoles and wrightsocks double layer socks.  I went up another 1/2 size in my shoes from a 9.5 to size 10.
Other items I carried:  Cell phone, 6 Gu's, mp3 player, sun glasses, chapstick.