Friday, January 4, 2013

Ringing in the New Year

This NYE we had all the kids and decided to celebrate in style at home!  We invited over a few neighbors and family and toasted our way into 2013.  Hugs & Kisses!

Welcome 2013!  May you all have good fortune in the new year.  Earth 1, Mayans 0.

Merry Christmas!

Gotta love the Holidays!  My mom and I made xmas cookies early this year so we could enjoy them the entire month of Dec.  ;)  My brother Steve and his wife Christina flew in to spend the holidays with all of us this year.  We went light seeing around the neighborhood, saw an awesome house that had their lights display timed to holiday music (very entertaining!) and we ate way too much good food. 

Christmas Eve we attended the early kids church service and then joined up with the Freund clan for dinner at Asian Bo Bistro, reinstating our tradition of Chinese food on xmas eve.  Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra!

Ry let us sleep in Christmas morning, he didn't wake up until around 7am.  Of course he's still a little young to really know what's going on, but once we showed him his gifts he had a fabulous time ripping them open and playing with his new toys.  Afterwards we headed over to Opa and Ju-Ju's for more gift giving and our traditional eggs Benedict brunch!

Evan and Emma joined us the day after Christmas and we celebrated with the Maleks a few days later.

Happy Birthday to my hubby, who celebrated his ?? birthday on Dec 29th!  :)

Merry Christmas!

Lunch at the Oasis 12/23/2012
Christmas morning, before Ry woke up

Christmas morning at Opa & Ju-Ju's

Cheers! 12/25/2012


Big C and lil C

Freunds/Maleks 12/28/2012

Malek Christmas 12/30/2012

2012 Running Review

I had a lot of ups and downs with running this year.  I set some new PR's, ran a couple half marathons, participated in my first Tri and then my body broke down.  I developed plantar fasciitis in both feet after the Deutchen Pfest race in late May, which then resulted in a stress fracture in my left foot as I tried to compensate for the pain and kept running on it.  I had to stop running for ~2 months (sept/oct/nov).  :(  I started back up slowly around Thanksgiving, and thankfully by the end of Dec I was able to run again without pain!

Total miles run:  565 miles
Total miles biked: 450 miles

1/20 - 3M 1/2 Marathon, 13.2 miles, 1:58:58 (PR)
2/19 - Austin Livestrong 1/2 Marathon, 13.2 miles, 2:06:54
3/3 - Tiara 5K, 3.13 miles, 31:29 (ran with Emma)
3/25 - Capitol 10K, 6.27 miles, 57:44
5/20 - Deutschen Pfest Pfun Run, 3.1 miles, 25:26 (PR)
7/14 - Anderson Mill Mini Tri ~24:25mins: 300 yd swim 7:57, 2 mile bike 6:32, 1 mile run 8:11(9:18 pace)

3M half 2012