Tuesday, October 30, 2012

10th Annual Spooktacular!

 Saturday October 27th was our 10th Annual Halloween Spook-tacular!  We decided to make it family friendly this year and started it a bit earlier.  The kids had a blast on the skeleton scavenger hunt, witches broom race and decorating pumpkins.  We still went all out decorating the house (inside & out) and putting up cobwebs, leaving only a few of the really scary props up in the attic for the sake of the kids.  :)  The 3 of us went as characters from the Thundercats (circa 1980's) - Malek was Lion-O, I was Cheetara and Ry was our baby Tygra.  :)  Emma made an appearance as a scary hobo clown, Jenn was a stunning Geisha, The Mills clan were all Supers, Jennifer brought the Hunger Games as Rue and even family members partook in the ghoulish good time.
Ry 10/26/2012

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Lion-O and Cheetara 10/27/2012
father and daughter
Vampire Grandparents!
Thundercats - Ho! 10/27/2012

My Aunt Karola with her Wizard
Ry and cousin Scarlett

Cousin Blake - the Olympian

Supers unite!

skeleton scavenger hunt

witches broom race

decorating pumpkins

Our neighbor Shannon - woof!
Gary and his German hat
sparkly vampire and scary skull guy

Elgin Christmas Tree Farm/Pumpkin Patch

A couple weeks ago we took Ryland to the Elgin pumpkin patch.  This was Ry's first time to enjoy some fall festivities!  We took a ride on a train pulled by a tractor, then jumped on a hayride that took us around the farm and through a haunted forest and finally picked out a pumpkin.  I think Ry was a little off that day and crashed hard after an hour.  He must have been hungry because on the ride home he ate Ju-Ju's Sonic burger while I fed him fries and ketchup.  Then he promptly fell asleep.
Petting animals is fun! 10/20/2012

I don't think so!
da train! 10/20/2012

I'll take this pumpkin 10/20/2012

I love to push wagons

measures 2 ft tall...

The party's over!