Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cap10K 2016

The Pfelly lane runners showed up in force for the Cap10K this year (we missed you Jenn!).  I hadn't run this race since 2012 but this year we got a stellar deal (thanks to Mai!) and couldn't pass it up.  The deal came with free parking, entrance to one of the food tents and free massages!  

Pfelly lane runners - 4/10/2016
At race time it was 66 degrees, cloudy (thank goodness), 90% humidity and 12 mph winds. So muggy and humid! I wore my team beef tank and new plaid skirt.

I was a bit concerned how I'd handle the course with the hills, plus after running it almost 7 years in a row it became a beating.  However I was pleasantly surprised!  I had a great time and ran a tad bit faster than the last time I had run the course.  I didn't PR but it was my 2nd fastest time for this race.  I was a bit surprised that there were no medals at the end, I'm so used to running 10 milers+ and all those races always have medals!

The hubby also ran and finished in 58:51 (9:30 pace)
My official chip time was 57:25 (9:16 pace).  My PR for this race is 55:35 (8:58 pace)
Avg pace per my Garmin - 9:09
Mile 1 - 9:15
Mile 2 - 9:18
Mile 3 - 9:13
Mile 4 - 8:59
Mile 5 - 9:10
Mile 6 - 9:16
last 0.28 - 2:16 (7:59 pace)

At mile 3 passing team beef

The Pfelly ln ladies!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Ryland's 5th Birthday

Happy 5th birthday to my amazing, sweet, rambunctious, intelligent little man Ryland! You're growing up soooo fast! I love you so much, you brighten up our lives. Hugs and kisses always!

Weather has not been our friend lately for outside birthday parties.  Originally we had planned to party at Kiddie Acres (which we had postponed from Carsyn's 2nd b-day the year before), but a series of severe thunderstorms projected for this past weekend resulted in us changing venues to Pump It Up.  So glad we made this change as it rained off and on all day, plus Ry had been begging to go back to Pump It Up.

Ryland LOVED his party.  We invited his friends from daycare, pre-K, family and our friends. The kids had a blast jumping on all the inflatables and running through the bubbles.  The cake/cupcakes were Godzilla inspired as that is Ry's new favorite thing (besides dinosaurs).

A big thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated Ryland's 5th birthday with us❣

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Loved this Godzilla cake with crumbling buildings
the cupcakes

Happy Birthday To You

Ry's 5th birthday party!! - 4/16/2016 

my guy