Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cap10K 2016

The Pfelly lane runners showed up in force for the Cap10K this year (we missed you Jenn!).  I hadn't run this race since 2012 but this year we got a stellar deal (thanks to Mai!) and couldn't pass it up.  The deal came with free parking, entrance to one of the food tents and free massages!  

Pfelly lane runners - 4/10/2016
At race time it was 66 degrees, cloudy (thank goodness), 90% humidity and 12 mph winds. So muggy and humid! I wore my team beef tank and new plaid skirt.

I was a bit concerned how I'd handle the course with the hills, plus after running it almost 7 years in a row it became a beating.  However I was pleasantly surprised!  I had a great time and ran a tad bit faster than the last time I had run the course.  I didn't PR but it was my 2nd fastest time for this race.  I was a bit surprised that there were no medals at the end, I'm so used to running 10 milers+ and all those races always have medals!

The hubby also ran and finished in 58:51 (9:30 pace)
My official chip time was 57:25 (9:16 pace).  My PR for this race is 55:35 (8:58 pace)
Avg pace per my Garmin - 9:09
Mile 1 - 9:15
Mile 2 - 9:18
Mile 3 - 9:13
Mile 4 - 8:59
Mile 5 - 9:10
Mile 6 - 9:16
last 0.28 - 2:16 (7:59 pace)

At mile 3 passing team beef

The Pfelly ln ladies!

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