Monday, January 28, 2008


Wow it's been a busy week!  Lets see if I can recap everything.

Mon 1/21 - Cleaned house for 2-3 hrs.  I realized that I have to vacuum at least 2-3 times a week due to dog hair.  Since I have mostly tile and wood floors, it only takes a couple days before I have tumbleweed made out of dog hair scurrying across my floors.    Worked out during lunch, I just love that cardio class!
Tues 1/22 - Ate dinner at Chuy's!  Mmmmm love the chica chica bom bom!  Then I proceeded to get squashed in bowling.    Usually I win best 2 out of 3, it was actually a nice change to be challenged. 
Wed 1/23 - Take out Chinese for dinner and watched a DVD.  It's good to veg out every now and then.  Skipped out on my cardio class....bad Christina!
Thurs 1/24 - Con-calls in the evening...ate left over Chinese.  Looks like I'm failing #15.
Fri 1/25 - TGIF!  Danced my tail-feathers off with a great dance partner.  Doug even taught me some new moves!  I count this as part of #44 - working out. 
Sat 1/26 - Lunch with JK & Travis!  They were in town for the day and we had a lovely time catching up.  Then I went to the UT vs Tx Tech MBB game!  I haven't been to a game in probably two years.  I'm not up on all the players but quickly figured out DJ Augustin and AJ Abrams are the favorites.  Pittman also had a great dunk!  I thought he was going to break the backboard.  Wouldn't that have been crazy?!?
Sun 1/27 - Lunch w/ Mills, ran some errands, went to several different car washes to wash my new VW Rabbit (some car washers were broken or the lines were way too long), took the dogs to the dog park and watched Chuck and Larry.   Ooooh!  I think I can count the dog park as part of #44!  Saved! :D

All in all a GREAT week/end.  Of course I failed on #15.  However this Tues I'm making Jambalaya!  Gotta get back on track with the cooking.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

#41 - Clean out closets and donate clothes to charity at least once a year (IP, 1/3)

I finally took all the stuff I had been collecting to Goodwill on Saturday.  It was nice to empty out my garage and make more room for my car.  I had stuff piling up since the beginning of last year!  Clothing, shoes, stereo, my bike from college and various other items were donated.  I still need to go through my closet again because I know I have more clothes in there that I don't wear.  Good deed for the weekend done!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

#16 - soak in a warm bath (1/11)

OMG!  What a night.  I had a softball game at 7:30pm and arrived just in time to start the game.  I didn't get to warm up or stretch or anything...not to mention I lifted weights today at the gym.  We head out to the field first and I get to play left center. The first guy gets up to bat and hits it right to me!  "Oooohhh I've got it I've got it!"  I yell, and I actually catch it!  But to my dismay it jumps out of my mitt.    I jog back to my spot all disappointed and realize, wow, my legs really hurt...what did I do?  We get 3 outs right away and we're up to bat...I'm the last one up and ready to go....HIT!  I'm running and OMG my legs are burning.  What is wrong with me!  I limp around to 3rd base and signal to the pit that I need someone to step in for me.  I finally realized I had pulled both thigh muscles.    From then on for the rest of the game I played catcher since I couldn't run.  Everyone was really nice about it though and said I did an excellent job as catcher.  Oh well, next time I'll make sure to stretch.

Needless to say I limp home and guess what comes to mind?    A nice hot bubble bath!  I spent the next 45 mins soaking in the tub and drinking a glass of sparkling grape juice.    Yup, you read that right.  Not wine but actually sparkling grape juice.  What can I say, I actually like the stuff.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No more Christmas cheer

Tonight I took down all my Christmas decorations and my Christmas tree.  It's amazing how warm and inviting a house feels when there are Christmas decorations up.  The soft glow from the lights on the tree, the twinkle of the ornaments as the light hits them, the beloved stockings hanging on the fireplace.....Now my house feels more open and less decorated.  Kinda sad, I miss the Christmas decor!

I also meant to buy Christmas lights after the holidays since they would be on sale...but never got around to it.  Guess I'll have to wait till next year.

Friday, January 11, 2008

#25 - Join a co-ed sports team (IP)

Wednesday night I was asked to sub in for a co-ed softball game.  I like playing softball and had been on a team for a couple years when I first moved to Austin, not to mention I used to play when I was young (up until the 8th grade).  Of course I haven't played in probably 3 years but decided what the heck!  I wanted to join a co-ed sports teams anyway.  I think I really impressed them with my hitting skills and the fact that I could throw.  -P   The teams liked me so much that the pitcher on the opposing team emailed me the following day asking if I'd join their roster for next season!  D  It's always a nice feeling to be wanted.  I still plan on joining some of the sports teams from Austin Sport and Social club (like dodge-ball or kickball), but at least this gets me started in the mean time!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

#71 - Wear more dresses / skirts and #4 - Decorate my new house

#4 - According to my friends my house looks amazing!  Boxes are unpacked, pictures are placed, and curtains are hung.  Decorating achieved.  D

#71 - Today marks the first time I've ever worn a dress to work.  Yup, you read that right.  I've worn skirts before, but never a dress.  I received a great dress for work as a Christmas present and then bought another work appropriate dress over the holidays.  It felt great!  Comfortable, stylish and feminine.  Work it girl!  ;-)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Weekly Updates

Wed 1/2/08 - Back to work, ugh!  Relaxed and ate leftovers.  I have so many leftovers from when my parents were here it's unreal.  I'm probably going to have to throw most of it away since I can't eat it all before it goes bad.  At least the leftovers are all home cooked meals, so even though I'm just reheating it I count it as part of the weekly home cooked meal(s) .
Thurs 1/3/08 - Left overs again!  Relaxed and watched TV.  Set up programs on my new computer.
Fri 1/4/08 - Ordered MS Office 2007.  Happy Hour!  Then off to a friends house for a get together.  Enjoyed a Sonic burger for dinner.  :-)
Sat 1/5/08 - Cleaned house, painted front door frame, touched up paint inside, knocked down bee hives, washed all bed sheets and linens.  Ate left overs yet again for lunch, then snacks for dinner.
Sun 1/6/08 - Slept in till noon!  Started laundry for dirty clothes.  Replaced my black heel loafer/pumps (which was desperately needed!).  Took a nap and then went out to Chuys for dinner.  I just love the chica chica boom boom!  I also set up my new electric tooth brush.  ;-)

All in all I think I accomplished a fair amount of home owner items and various other chores.  Still way too many leftovers in the fridge.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Plethora of accomplishments

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I can't believe we are in 2008.  The holidays just flew by, plus I accomplished quite a few tasks before the end of the year.

#4 - Decorate my new house (IP).  This is not complete but definitely started.   I already have curtains in several rooms, all the pictures are hung and all the rooms are filled.  )  I even got a new kitchen table in espresso (I just LOVE the dark wood).  I still need to finish off the touch-up painting inside and out, change out a few more lights (will take a while on that, lights are expensive!) and perhaps some landscaping.  Though the landscaping will have to wait till warmer weather.  ;-)  I'm sure I will think of many more things to do later.

#5 - Buy new wine glasses.  I didn't actually buy them since I got them as a Christmas gift from my mom, but I get to mark them off anyways!  I received 4 new white wine glasses and 4 new burgundy red wine glasses.  Pretty sweet deal, especially since I didn't have any red wine glasses at all! 

#15 - Cook home meal(s) (7/143).  My mom and I made Jaeger schnitzel, mashed potatoes and cooked some broccoli for our last family dinner.  It turned out great and we even cooked it in my new electric skillet (house warming gift from the parents).  I have plenty of left overs to last me a week!  We also made eggs benedict Christmas morning.  Two of my favorite meals.
Schnitzel dinner! Just look at all the lovely eggs benedicts!

#19 - Clean out my pantry.  The move took care of this task.  I was able to throw out any really old items as well as cook most of it while my parents were here.  Of course I'm not sure how much I actually got rid of since my pantry is so much bigger, it looks like I have less food stuff.  Could be deceiving....

#29 - Cardio step class (IP, started 12/12/07).  I resumed my cardio class today!  If felt great to finally work out again.  I wasn't able to exercise at all over the holidays. 

#40 - Read more than just fiction novels/books (IP).  Currently reading "Leading from the Front: No-Excuse Leadership Tactics for Women" by Courtney Lynch and Angie Morgan.

#58 - Get an electric tooth brush (advised by my dentist).  My brother contributed to this one since he surprised me with it for Christmas.  I haven't tried it out yet but will make sure I carve out time for it this week!

#66 - Set up my new computer and figure out how to transfer all the files.  Not sure if this counts or not because I didn't transfer all the files.  While my brother and dad were in town over the holidays, they decided to start the process.  They took care of my email and a few other things, but left plenty of things for me to still do.  Last night I spent over an hour installing some programs and downloading drivers.  I'm now using Vista which takes some getting used too...and my computer doesn't have Office so I'll have to buy and install it myself.  :D

#67 - Set up the monkey speakers for my computer that I bought 4 months ago!  Well they are on the new computer but I'm not impressed.  They may look cute but sound horrible.  -(  I'll probably switch back to my old speakers.  Oh well!

#72 - Get new sleepwear.  Nate helped me with this one, he gave me two new sets for Christmas (as well as many other spectacualar gifts!), one long pair and one short pair of PJ's.  I'll still probably have to get a few more sets so that I can throw away ALL the old ones.  :)

I think that covers it.  ;-)  Hopefully I'm not forgetting anything.

New Years was awesome!  A group of us made reservations at JBlacks for the evening and partied hard all night long!  We also reserved hotel rooms downtown so that we wouldn't have to drive.  What a great way to blow away 2007!  I definitely would like to do that again next year.

img_2935  The girls NYE 2007  img_2882  Here's looking at you kid