Friday, January 11, 2008

#25 - Join a co-ed sports team (IP)

Wednesday night I was asked to sub in for a co-ed softball game.  I like playing softball and had been on a team for a couple years when I first moved to Austin, not to mention I used to play when I was young (up until the 8th grade).  Of course I haven't played in probably 3 years but decided what the heck!  I wanted to join a co-ed sports teams anyway.  I think I really impressed them with my hitting skills and the fact that I could throw.  -P   The teams liked me so much that the pitcher on the opposing team emailed me the following day asking if I'd join their roster for next season!  D  It's always a nice feeling to be wanted.  I still plan on joining some of the sports teams from Austin Sport and Social club (like dodge-ball or kickball), but at least this gets me started in the mean time!

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