Monday, January 7, 2008

Weekly Updates

Wed 1/2/08 - Back to work, ugh!  Relaxed and ate leftovers.  I have so many leftovers from when my parents were here it's unreal.  I'm probably going to have to throw most of it away since I can't eat it all before it goes bad.  At least the leftovers are all home cooked meals, so even though I'm just reheating it I count it as part of the weekly home cooked meal(s) .
Thurs 1/3/08 - Left overs again!  Relaxed and watched TV.  Set up programs on my new computer.
Fri 1/4/08 - Ordered MS Office 2007.  Happy Hour!  Then off to a friends house for a get together.  Enjoyed a Sonic burger for dinner.  :-)
Sat 1/5/08 - Cleaned house, painted front door frame, touched up paint inside, knocked down bee hives, washed all bed sheets and linens.  Ate left overs yet again for lunch, then snacks for dinner.
Sun 1/6/08 - Slept in till noon!  Started laundry for dirty clothes.  Replaced my black heel loafer/pumps (which was desperately needed!).  Took a nap and then went out to Chuys for dinner.  I just love the chica chica boom boom!  I also set up my new electric tooth brush.  ;-)

All in all I think I accomplished a fair amount of home owner items and various other chores.  Still way too many leftovers in the fridge.

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