Wednesday, January 16, 2008

#16 - soak in a warm bath (1/11)

OMG!  What a night.  I had a softball game at 7:30pm and arrived just in time to start the game.  I didn't get to warm up or stretch or anything...not to mention I lifted weights today at the gym.  We head out to the field first and I get to play left center. The first guy gets up to bat and hits it right to me!  "Oooohhh I've got it I've got it!"  I yell, and I actually catch it!  But to my dismay it jumps out of my mitt.    I jog back to my spot all disappointed and realize, wow, my legs really hurt...what did I do?  We get 3 outs right away and we're up to bat...I'm the last one up and ready to go....HIT!  I'm running and OMG my legs are burning.  What is wrong with me!  I limp around to 3rd base and signal to the pit that I need someone to step in for me.  I finally realized I had pulled both thigh muscles.    From then on for the rest of the game I played catcher since I couldn't run.  Everyone was really nice about it though and said I did an excellent job as catcher.  Oh well, next time I'll make sure to stretch.

Needless to say I limp home and guess what comes to mind?    A nice hot bubble bath!  I spent the next 45 mins soaking in the tub and drinking a glass of sparkling grape juice.    Yup, you read that right.  Not wine but actually sparkling grape juice.  What can I say, I actually like the stuff.

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