Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Giving blood, Saving lives

It's been over a year since I last donated blood.  The hubby and I were deferred back in June 2010 because we traveled to Mazatlan (malaria zone) and then of course I was pregnant, those vampire Dr's took enough blood to satisfy several blood drives!  Today was the first blood drive that we were eligible to particpate in at work.  I love donating and have been doing it since HS.  I feel like a better person when I give blood, knowing that I can help save the lives of 3 people every time I donate.

Football and Tailgating!

Football is back, bring on the tailgating!! 
Ryland will make an appearance at the next home game in Oct, when it's hopefully much cooler outside.

Let's get this party started! 9/10/11

The awesome smoker

The setup - Ready to watch MSU and various other games before UT plays (they have satelite).