Friday, December 20, 2013

More babies!

I can't believe I forgot to blog about my cousin's 2nd baby!  

On July 26th 2013 my cousin Amy gave birth to her second child, Nathan Robert.  He was 8lbs 7oz and 20.5 inches long.  If I have my relationships correct (because let's face it, it gets confusing), then Nathan and his sister April are my 1st cousins once removed.  Ryland & Carsyn and April
& Nathan are 2nd cousins.

Congrats to the proud parents Amy and Rob!  

New cousin, our 1st nephew!

Congrats to my little brother & SIL Stephen and Christina on their brand new baby boy!  They are proud to announce the newest member of their family - Mason Wilhelm Freund Ryland and Carsyn have their first male cousin, and mommy and daddy have our first nephew!  :)

Mason was born on Thursday, November 21st at 9:02 am and weighted 7 lbs and 4.6 oz and measured 20 inches long.  Welcome to the family and happy Thanksgiving!

Trail of Lights 2013

I think it has been a good 10 years since either of us had been to the Austin Trail of Lights, so the hubby and I decided to check them out this year.  We headed down on a Wednesday, a good week before Christmas, hoping it wouldn't be too busy.  We ate dinner at Shady Grove and then walked to Zilker Park, not too bad as it was less than a mile away.  The lights were as pretty and amazing as ever and I think Ryland really enjoyed it.  I especially liked twirling under the big tree, dizziness and all.  It was a bit rough on mommy and daddy though having to constantly chase down a 2.5 year old in the crowds and I wore the wrong shoes.  By the end we were beat.  We made it home after 9:30pm and all of us crashed.  I think we'll wait another 5 years before going back...when the kids are a bit older.  



Ry definitely knows who Santa is this year

Happy Holidays! Gobble Gobble and HO HO HO!

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving at my SIL's house with the Malek clan.  My parents were in Ohio celebrating the birth of my first nephew, Mason, congrats little brother and lil C!   Truly a blessed Thanksgiving.  :D

Carsy's first Thanksgiving 11/22/2013
Thanksgiving Dinner with cousin Blake 11/28/2013
Happy Thanksgiving! 11/28/2013

We managed to attended two events with free Santa pictures this year.  The first set of pictures are from the Oasis.  A couple weekends later we had our annual HOA party with free food and pictures with Santa.  Ry still refuses to sit on Santa's lap, he will only sit on mommy's lap, however he is starting to talk to Santa!  Here's hoping by next year he'll be brave enough to pop a squat on Santa.  :) 

Santa at the Oasis 12/1/2013

HOA party 12/14/2013
Merry Christmas!

chatting up Santa

Plum tuckered out!