Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Running Review

I had a lot of ups and downs with running this year.  I set some new PR's, ran a couple half marathons, participated in my first Tri and then my body broke down.  I developed plantar fasciitis in both feet after the Deutchen Pfest race in late May, which then resulted in a stress fracture in my left foot as I tried to compensate for the pain and kept running on it.  I had to stop running for ~2 months (sept/oct/nov).  :(  I started back up slowly around Thanksgiving, and thankfully by the end of Dec I was able to run again without pain!

Total miles run:  565 miles
Total miles biked: 450 miles

1/20 - 3M 1/2 Marathon, 13.2 miles, 1:58:58 (PR)
2/19 - Austin Livestrong 1/2 Marathon, 13.2 miles, 2:06:54
3/3 - Tiara 5K, 3.13 miles, 31:29 (ran with Emma)
3/25 - Capitol 10K, 6.27 miles, 57:44
5/20 - Deutschen Pfest Pfun Run, 3.1 miles, 25:26 (PR)
7/14 - Anderson Mill Mini Tri ~24:25mins: 300 yd swim 7:57, 2 mile bike 6:32, 1 mile run 8:11(9:18 pace)

3M half 2012

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