Friday, February 15, 2008


#15 - Cook a home meal weekly (13/143).  Tuesday I made Sunday Football Chili.  This dish is so easy, leave it in the crock-pot all day.  Then when you arrive home you have a great smelling dish just waiting for you.  Some shredded cheese on top of the chili, a couple of beers and a movie make for a nice relaxing evening.  That's 2 meals in one week!  I'm on a roll.  :-D

2/13 - Wed night I had another softball game (We play every Wed).  The first game I was completely off and couldn't even hit the ball.  However, the past two games I've had an excellent hitting game.  My field skills could use some work though.  And this last game they put me at 3rd base instead of outfield!!  I did OK, made a few mistakes, and we creamed the other team.  Thank goodness I can hit! 

Red Heart 2/14 - HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  I spent Thursday night with Monica and Brandy.  After work I hit up HEB for some wine, then stopped at Pluckers to have a drink with Niko and Mike.  They bought me two shots and two beers!  How sweet of them.  -)  I had to leave around 6:30 to get home since the girls were coming over around 7pm.  Boy was I already feeling good!  The girls arrived and we had the chili that I had made on Tues (there is still a lot left over), cheese (because we LOVE cheese), and a couple bottles of red wine.  Let me tell you, I was feeling REALLY good.   ;-)  We also made some cookie dough to eat!  Then we had a LOST marathon and watched the 3 new episodes from this season...too bad I don't remember the new one from last night, I'll have to re-watch it.  It was an interesting and fun night.  There was only one small disaster, I forgot about a bottle of wine I had put in the freezer to get cold and it kinda exploded.    So we spent about 15 mins cleaning that up, at least it was frozen!  I'm sure it would have been funny to watch us clean while inebriated.  We hung out until midnight before calling it a night.  It was a great night with the girls!

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