Monday, February 11, 2008

#33 - Fire a gun at a shooting range and #15 - Home cooked meal (12/143)

#33 - This weekend I had my first real gun-shooting experience!  I did try paintball back in Nov 2007 and once in HS I shot a BB gun and managed to hit my target (I really have no clue how I hit the can hanging from the tree...I couldn't hold the gun steady!).  D  So Sunday after a movie with the girls I headed out to Red's Indoor Range with Doug.  There was no way I was going there by myself and I needed a teacher.  ;-)   As I emerged from the car the first thing I heard were gun shots.  Many people have told me it's loud at a shooting range so I was somewhat prepared.  We get inside, I sign my life away and next thing I  know I'm staring at my target.  A thin piece of paper that I'm supposed to hit!?!  It's a little hard to hear Doug explain to me the 9mm (a Ruger P89, 9mm, 115 grain ballistic point) through the ear muffs but I watch as he loads it and shows me how to hold the gun.  Now it's my turn...I almost say "I need to practice first" when I realized that was what I was there to do!  Silly girl.  So I take my Charlie's Angels stance, aim, breathe....breathe...and FIRE!  Geez!  I knew the gun would kick but I wasn't prepared for it.  At least I hit my target.  I fired off a few more rounds, Doug was nice enough to load the gun for me since I was still taking it all in and extremely nervous...I was even sweating a little (and when I say a little I mean a lot!).  All in all I think I did pretty good.  Apparently I had mostly kill shots.  GO ME!

After the 9mm we move over to a 243 rifle (a Remington 243, 100 grain hollow point with a Leupold 3x9 scope).  We walk through how to handle the rifle, stance, etc and I'm up again.  This time the target is further out and I'm using a scope.  I have the butt of the rifle up against my shoulder as instructed and FIRE!  Good grief!  I think after every shot I took I managed to have some exclamation:  Geez, good grief, oh my, sh*t, etc.  I think I took about 8-10 shots before calling it a day.  I managed to hit the target every time, even got a few dead center.  

Woooo.....I'm hard core.  D  God bless Texas.

#15 - After the gun range I came home and made broccoli cheese soup and had a salad.  Then I kicked back, watched some TV and enjoyed a few Girl Scout Cookies.

hand gun target    rifle target

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