Thursday, February 21, 2008

Wild Wednesday

#44 - Work out at least 3x's a week [IP] .  I must say I'm doing a stellar job keeping up with this one.  I attend my cardio class every Monday and Wednesday at lunch time.  This Monday our instructor, Brenda, made us all cry and moan.  She made us double up on our weights for lifting and legs are still sore today!  I must say that my legs look great in a skirt because of these classes.  Since joining my co-ed sports team, I have softball games Wednesday nights, so I count this as a work out.  It is a sport and I do run the bases and chase balls.  ;-)  This Wednesday I also went to Dallas Nite Club (after softball mind you) and danced the night away with my girls.  This is a great way to exercise and have fun while doing it!  I was out until 1:30am enjoying a boot-scootin' good time.  -D   Livin' la vida loca and enjoying every minute of it.

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