Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Busy busy week

Wow, last week was incredibly busy.  You already know about Wed from the blog below...but I'll recap.

Tues - GNO
Wed - Softball and then Dallas Nite Club
Thurs - HH at Sam's boat...I was out much later than I intended to be, didn't get home till after 10pm!
Fri - Another HH at Sherlock's.  I stayed strong and was only out for about an hour, I wanted to rest at home before heading out to GCS for yet more dancing!  -D  I think I was out until at least 1:30am.  Go me!  I don't know where I get the energy.
Sat - Cleaned house, did laundry and then met up with some friends downtown.  We had a late dinner at Guero's and then over to Botticelli's, they have an outside bar behind the restaurant.  I never would have known it was there!  It was a nice relaxing evening.  I called it quits around 12:30am though, the week had finally caught up to me!  I was exhausted.
Sun - I slept in and then took the dogs to the dog park.  It was beautiful outside!   Tammy came over later that evening to watch a couple DVD's and we ordered pizza.  Couldn't have asked for a better week/end. 

Failure - I didn't make any home meals last week.  However, since I made 2 home meals the week before I think that should count.  ;)

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