Friday, January 8, 2016

2015 Running Review

2015 was an even better running year for me than last year.  I trained for my 2nd marathon, ran a couple new races and hit an all time high for miles!  The insoles I've been wearing for almost 2 years have worked wonders for me.  I've been pain/injury-free through all my training and races (knock on wood), long live Spenco Earthbound insoles!!

Also for 2015 I was a beef tip and ran 4 races under Team Beef.  I passed all requirements by the end of the year to become a full member for 2016, now I will get reimbursed for races!

My friend base has grown thanks to running.  Our group is larger than ever and I truly appreciate all my running buddies/friends.  Many of us also did boot camp together for 3 months in the summer, which really helped strengthen our core for all these long races.

Total miles run: 1108, beating last years total by 124 miles.

1/11 - Rogue Half Marathon - 13.1.  1:57:03 (8:56 pace)
1/25 - 3M - 13.1.  New PR!!  1:55:23 (8:48 pace)
2/21 - Frozen Booty 5 & 10K, local Round Rock fun run, ran both.
3/29 - Austin 1020 - 10 miles.  1:34:08 (9:25 pace)
9/27 - 80s 8K - 4.98 miles.  PR!  00:43:50 (avg pace 8:50)
12/6 - Decker Half Marathon - 13.1 with TONS of hills.  2:01:52 (9:18 pace)

Upcoming races for 2016:
1/10/2016 - Rogue 10K
1/17/2016 - Houston Marathon!!!!
2/14/2016 - Austin Half
2/28/2016 - NOLA Half
April - Cap10K
May - Deutschen pfest 5K (which was cancelled in 2015 due to crazy weather)
Aug - SeaWheeze Half in Vancouver!!  Girls trip to visit Amanda!
Oct - 80s 8K (ADC)
Nov - Run for the Water 10 miler (ADC)
Dec - Decker half (ADC)
Jan 2017 - Rogue 10K and 3M (ADC)
Feb 2017 - Austin Half (ADC)

I plan to run the Austin Distance Challenge in 2016-2017, which consists of 6 races:  80s 8K, Run for the Water 10 miler, Decker half, Rogue 10K, 3M and Austin Half.

Frozen Booty fun run 2/21/2015

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