Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rogue 10K

I forgot to blog about this run!

This was my last 'long' training run before the Houston Marathon.  It was really cold, colder than last year, but at least it wasn't overcast and misting.  The clear skies and sun made for an excellent race day.  They also had really nice medals for all distances at the end, very rarely do you get a 10K medal.  :)

Recap from dailymile:
Excellent morning for a race! 29 degrees at 7am (felt like 24), clear, 7 mph winds and 88% humidity. I wore tights, my runderful 1/2 zip, team beef tank, hat, ear warmers and sunglasses. My top had cuffins so I didn't need gloves. I chose my outfit perfectly! I felt great the entire time, only my arms got a little warm towards the end. Cuffins came off at mile 2 and I lowered my zipper around mile 4. I did not carry a water bottle. I actually ended up running through all the water stops. I'm super happy with my time and it was a great race/training run before my marathon.

Chip time: 00:53:41.3
I took 8th place in my age group/division.

Garmin: 53:44 in 6.3 miles
Avg pace - 8:32
last 0.3 - 2:25 (8:11 pace)

Staying warm in the HS before the race.  1/10/2016

the start

Mile 1

Mile 4


After the race.  1/10/2016

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