Monday, January 4, 2016

Decker Half Marathon

Just realized I never posted about this race!
Decker Half Marathon 12/6/2015

Great day for a race!! I must admit I was really nervous about this race, I heard all the horror stories about tons of hills and I HATE hills. It was 46 degrees and sunny at 8am and would be 56 degrees by 10am, winds btw 1-6 mph (humidity was not an issue, 70-80%). I really debated wearing short sleeves and crops but decided on a tank top and shorts. THANK GOD I did, with that sun it was warm, unseasonably warm for this race actually. I started off comfortably cool but was really warm by mile 6, by mile 7 I was so glad I had chosen the right outfit.

It was my first time running Decker and I'm extremely happy with my time. I ran the entire time and took on every hill! I will definitely be sore for the next couple of days. This was a great training run and prep for my marathon. ;) There were a ton of hills but the worst were at mile 5.5, 8 and 10 (king of the hill!).

I finished in 2:01:52  (9:14-9:18 pace)

Per my Garmin (13.19 miles):
Avg pace - 9:15
9:01 (freakn steep hill!)
8:58 (another big hill)
9:46 (king of the hill, what the hill (insert foul language)!)
9:43 (rolling hills at the end)
9:45 (rolling hills)
last 0.1 - 1:37 (8:45 pace)

Group shot before the race
Group shot afterwards, with our beer!
beer silliness
my medal
even Santa ran...

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