Thursday, January 22, 2015

Rogue Distance Half Marathon

I decided to sign up for the Rogue Distance race last min, last min meaning 1-2 weeks before the race.  Normally I sign up for races way in advance, but I needed a 12 mile training run the same weekend and figured why not just run a race!  This was also my first race for Team Beef, double score!

On race day it 33 degrees at 7am and 36 degrees by 9am with 1-3 mph winds, plus it misted on us the entire time.  The misting was better than the original forecast from the night before of pouring down rain.  Cold + rain = pretty miserable running conditions.  I wore long pants, a compression long sleeved shirt, reflective running jacket, team beef tank, gloves, hat and ear warmers.  The damp weather made it feel even colder.
Pre-race, before the cold and the wet.  1/11/2015

Amanda and I carpooled to the race in Cedar Park.  Luckily the high school was open so we could wait in the cafeteria until race time.  Sooooo  much better than standing out in the cold.  There was a 20 min delay in the race as there was a medical emergency on the course (not related to the race), this also resulted in a last min reroute, which is why the course was 12.91 vs 13.1 miles (0.2 miles off).

running running running

During the race I felt in between temp wise, sometimes a little warm and other times cold, I took my gloves off around mile 3.  The course had rolling hills which actually weren't that bad and it snaked its way through the subdivisions.  The majority of the time I ended up running alone, so it didn't feel like a race...seriously no other runners around me.  Thankfully they had a lot of people on the course directing us where to turn.  Most of the time my route was in parallel with the 30K, but there were several places they went in separate directions and I had to be told which way to turn.  I'm so glad I had updated my mp3 player from the marathon, I had some great music to listen to so the race went by quickly.  Next thing I knew I had 2 miles left and I was making excellent time!  Soon the finish line was in sight and I actually had enough energy to really kick it up across the finish.  I felt great!  Overall it was actually great weather for a race despite the misting; cold and overcast.

My official chip time was 1:57:03 in 13.1 miles which is a 8:56 avg pace, NEW PR!!!  My Garmin clocked 1:57:28 in 12.91 at a 9:05 avg pace.  Since the start and finish were at the same place I was able to go back into the HS and wait for Amanda (she was running the 30K).  While inside I checked my official time and found out that I had placed 1st in my age group!!!!  I beat my 3M PR of 1:58:58 by 1 min and 55 seconds and received a first place trophy.

Avg pace - 9:04 (12.91 miles in 01:57:03)
Mile 1 - 8:37, Mile 2 - 9:10, Mile 3 - 9:06, Mile 4 - 8:47, Mile 5 - 9:04, Mile 6 - 9:01, Mile 7 - 9:37, Mile 8 - 8:59, Mile 9 - 9:08, Mile 10 - 9:22, Mile 11 - 9:30, Mile 12 - 9:04, last 0.91 - 7:58 (8:43 pace)

Glorious finish!

1st place in my age group for the half marathon!
Bragging rights

Race prep:
What I ate:  Pasta and bread the night before from Macaroni Grill.  For breakfast I had a piece of toast with peanut butter.  As I had my hydration vest I didn't have to stop at any water stops, 3 Gu's total throughout the race.
What I wore:  Long pants, a compression long sleeved shirt, reflective running jacket, team beef tank, gloves, hat and ear warmer, garmin watch, hydration vest, Brooks Glycerin shoes, wrightsocks double layer.  I had a change of clothes in the car since we were gonna be soaked from all the rain.
Other items I carried:  3 Gu's, mp3 player, car key.

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