Friday, January 30, 2015

3M Half Marathon - New PR!!!

I love the 3M half marathon course, it's an awesome route that is mostly downhill and ends at the capital.  This was my 2nd time running 3M and I earned a new PR!!!  All that marathon training really paid off and shaved a good 3 mins from my last 3M time.  :)  HOLLA!

For race day said it would be 42 degrees at 7am and 48 degrees by 9am, with 8-10 mph winds.  I tossed and turned all night debating what to wear.  I figured with the wind chill it would feel cooler so I decided to go with my new lulu tights, long sleeve compression shirt and team beef tank, hydration vest and hat (no gloves and no ear warmers).  The night before the race I had my first Team Beef dinner as a Beef Tip at Steiner Ranch.  The food was excellent and the hubby got a free Team Beef t-shirt.  We dined on bread, salad, beef tips (hehehe) with mashed potatoes and steamed broccoli and bread pudding for dessert.  I'm still getting accustomed to eating beef before a run instead of pasta.

The next morning I woke up at 4:50am to get ready, eat my peanut butter toast and meet the girls at 5:45am for carpooling.  We made it to Dave & Busters around 6:15am, with just enough time to hit up the potties and enter the corrals with 5 mins to spare (7am race start).  I lined up at the 1:50 pacer with Jenn, Amanda and Day.  Many of the pfelly lane runners were in this race, I think Kim and Susan were a few people back from us, and a few others were at the 1:55 mark.  We sang the anthem, ate a Gu and then it was go time!

Let's get this party started!  1/25/2015

It was cold at the start and in the dark, but nothing too unbearable.  I stayed with Amanda for the first 4 miles before dropping back a bit, Jenn and Day were slightly ahead.  Around mile 3 I noticed a sign that said "run more than your mouth".  It made me laugh and think of Jenn because she really wants a shirt that with that phrase, I didn't realize until later that Mary and Tina were holding that sign and cheering us on!  Around mile 5 I realized I could have worn a short sleeved shirt (and possibly arm warmers).  I think it was btw mile 8&9 when I saw Tina and Mary again and was able to wave to them.  Mile 8 was also where the Team Beef volunteers cheered us on.

Running past Team Beef

Around mile 9 my HR monitor went off which meant that Pete was close by, sure enough he passed me within a couple mins.  Mile 10 for some reason was brutal, there was a bit of an incline and the sun was shining so it felt warm.  I remember thinking "why was I doing this again, why put myself through the pain? and why did I sign up for another marathon!" but I pushed forward.  Next thing I knew I was coming around the bend where the finish line awaited.  I noticed Mary and Tina again right at the last turn, they were really rooting me on because I was slightly ahead of the 1:55 pacer!  I picked up speed and crossed that finish line in 1:55:23 (8:43/M for 13.22 miles)!!!  My official chip time was 1:55:21 (8:48/M for 13.1 miles), a new PR!!!

Food reward at the end and view of the capital!

Pete and I at the finish

Pfelly lane runners!

My left bottom foot did bother me the entire run, which could have been due to the fact that I wore brand new shoes and new socks.  Otherwise I felt great at the end. :D  Next time when it's 40+ I need to remember to wear capris, a short sleeved shirt and arm warmers, then I'll feel a bit cooler.  After I received my medal I picked up my gear from the gear check buses and headed over to the HEB tent to reconnect with all my runner friends and sherpas.  It was a perfect day for an amazing race with friends.

Avg pace - 8:43 (going off 13.22 miles Garmin)
Mile 1 - 8:18, Mile 2 - 8:10, Mile 3 - 8:23, Mile 4 - 8:16, Mile 5 - 8:41, Mile 6 - 8:52, Mile 7 - 8:57, Mile 8 - 8:49, Mile 9 - 9:01, Mile 10 - 9:10 (warm and slight incline, tough!), Mile 11 - 8:58, Mile 12 - 8:56, Mile 13 - 8:54, last 0.22 - 1:52 (8:37 pace)


Race prep:
What I ate:  Team Beef dinner at Steiner Ranch; beef tips, bread, mashed potatoes and broccoli.  For breakfast I had a piece of toast with peanut butter.  I wore my hydration vest so I didn't have to stop at any water stops, 3 Gu's total throughout the race (1 at start, mile 5 and mile 10).
What I wore:  My lulu tights, a compression long sleeved shirt, team beef tank, hat, Garmin watch, hydration vest, Brooks Glycerin shoes (brand new), wrightsocks double layer.  I did gear check for the first time so that I had a sweatshirt after the race.
Other items I carried:  3 Gu's, mp3 player, phone.

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