Monday, March 30, 2015

Austin 1020 race

10 miles and 20 bands, gotta love ATX!  This is the 2nd year in a row that the hubby and I have run the Austin 1020 race.  This year I ran it for Team Beef.  The morning of the race it was partly cloudy/sunny, 61 degrees with 10-12 mph winds.  Last year it was 70 and overcast, so at least it was a bit cooler this year, but once that sun came out it warmed up fast.  Those winds were killer too when not at our backs.

I had decided going into this race I wanted to run a comfortable 9:30 pace, I'm burnt out from the marathon training and the 2 halves I ran in January.  I think after this race it's time to take a bit of a break from running and focus on something else, bootcamp!

We got up about 6:10am and were on the road by 6:50am.  We didn't hit any traffic until turning into The Domain, but that still went quickly.  We were parked by 7:30am and had plenty of time to hit up the restrooms before getting in our corrals.  Overall the race was good.  They ran the course in reverse, so we ran the Mopac part first, which I liked better.  Of course by mile 8 I was ready to stop but I pushed forwarded and finished in 1:34:08.  Much improved over last years time of 1:46:05.  The hubby finished in 1:36:38, I totally think he can run a half marathon!

In our corral 3/29/2015
Representing Team Beef
Mile 1 Team Beef volunteer site
Austin 1020 finishers! 3/29/2015

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