Thursday, April 8, 2010

We're Married!

We couldn't have asked for a better weekend to get hitched.   The weather was perfect!!!!  :-D

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Friday morning I managed to fit in my last workout before the wedding.  I must say I am VERY happy with The Shred results.  Around 10am we decided to show our family the new home we are buying, followed by lunch at Ixtapa.  Then mom and I headed to our mani/pedi appointment while the men took all the decor, gifts, and bar stuff over to the venue.  Our rehearsal was at 4pm and went smoothly and the venue was beautiful!  We were able to see our table decor and everything...I couldn't believe that our day was almost here. 

We had just enough time to head back to the house and change for the rehearsal dinner at Salt Lick.  I am so glad they built their restaurant in Round Rock, located right behind my house!  I must say everything we did worked out perfectly, all our venues were within a 5 mile radius of each other!  There was a slight wind, so once the sun went down it was a little chilly, but the Salt Lick turned out great.  We had the outside patio under the a big oak tree (which gave the kids a place to run around), and there were lights strung up over the tables.  There was also a live band that night, which made the atmosphere for the event even more lovely. 

The Wedding day had arrived!  Sara showed up around 10am to start our hair and makeup while the guys were out getting ice and running last min errands.  Around lunch I just had to have a my cousin Sarah brought us all back Sonic.  ;-)  After lunch most people went back to the hotel so they could get ready, leaving me some nice down time to relax and watch tv.  Then it was 3pm and off to the venue!  From then on the evening was a blur.  We finished getting ready at the venue, then it was time for pictures, and next thing I knew...I was walking down the aisle!  It was an exceptional day!  The weather was perfect, a nice 75 degrees, all my friends and family were there, the food was great and the cake was excellent!  I LOVED everything!!!  After our sparkler exit we headed to the wine & beer bar at the hotel and partied until 1:30am. 

Surprisingly we were up in time for Brunch the next day.  A BIG thank you goes out to my family for taking care of the brunch.  We had Rudy's breakfast tacos, Round Rock donuts, coffee, mimosas, tea and a nice relaxing time chatting with everyone.  I'm just so glad my family cleaned everything up, Malek and I were exhausted!  And we still had a volleyball game to play that evening and we had to pack for our honeymoon!  We did get it all done, even managed to get to bed by 11pm - we had to be up early Monday morning to catch our 7am flight.  :-)  Bring on the beach!
Wedding photo 3/27/2010    Wedding photo 3/27/2010
Wedding photo 3/27/2010    Wedding photo 3/27/2010

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