Thursday, April 22, 2010

We've moved!

Woohoo!  We are finally in the new house.  :-D  After almost a 2 week delay, we closed on both houses on Tuesday and had to moved the same day!  It was exhausting, but we got it all done.

Our day started at 7am with last min packing, we closed on the Ranier home at 11am, then Malek let the movers in at noon while I did a last walk-thru of the new home.  Then it was back to the Title Co at 12:30pm, and signing was finally completed around 2:15pm.  Whew!  After that we went back to the old house to finish packing up everything and instructing the movers.  They finally finished unloading at the new house at 12:15am, had to make 2 trips between houses!!  We hit the sack around 1am.

We took Wed off work as well to do some unpacking.  It's going to take a while to get the house in order.  At the moment the kitchen is in complete disarray.  I absolutely hate packing/unpacking a kitchen...I have no clue where to put anything!

Last night we stopped unpacking around 9pm to celebrate our new house.  With a bottle of champagne and a cake, we toasted to our new life and home!

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