Monday, April 12, 2010

33rd Annual Statesman Capitol 10,000

At the last minute I decided to run the race.  I hadn't planned on running due to moving, but that got pushed back.  So I signed up without having run for a month and no training.  Not to mention the wedding and the honeymoon was right before the race...nothing like eating unlimited amounts of food and drinking alcohol for over a week to prepare for a race.  Because I signed up so late I missed registration for the Timed run, no chip for me this year, have to time myself.

The weather was actually perfect for a run, 60 degrees, overcast, slight mist.  Amanda, Jenn, Billy and I all carpooled together to the race.  I stayed with Mills for the first 2 miles, then Jenn the next 2 miles.  But after I hit the mile 4 marker, I suddenly felt drained!  I was doing so well too. :-(  Oh well, so my last 2 miles were not so great.  I did run the entire time, just had no motivation to push myself harder those last 2 miles.  I finished in 1:03:37, which averages out to 10:15 min/miles.  That's actually 20 seconds faster than last year.  Not much of an improvement, but I also didn't train so not surprised about my time, at least I'm consistent.  :-P  Jenn tells me the course was actually 6.3 miles...which would come out to 10:05 min/miles.  Not too bad since I was hoping to average at 10 min/miles.

Cap10K 4/11/2010


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