Thursday, April 8, 2010

Fabulous Honeymoon!!

Ah the honeymoon, so glad we had a short flight to our destination - Mazatlan MX!  As soon as we were off the plane we had a margarita in our hands.  The trip from the airport was only 30 mins as well.  So by 9:30am we were at our all-inclusive resort, the Riu.  Since we couldn't check in until 3pm, we changed into our swimsuits, left the luggage at the counter, and hit the beach. 

The resort was so clean and well-maintained (they've only been open maybe a year).  And the beach was gorgeous!  We headed straight to the swim up bar and settled right in.  Wow, I forgot how quickly drinking in the sun can get to you.  By the time we could check in we were three sheets to the wind and ended up 'taking a nap' as soon as we made it to the room.  :-P  We were still feeling the effects of 'the sun' after our nap as we headed back out for dinner.  It was a good day.

On our 2nd day, we each received a free 50 min massage at a neighboring resort (#73 on my list!).  That was sooooo worth it!  Their spa was awesome and we were able to take advantage of the hot tub, cold baths, sauna and showers while we were there.  A great way to start our vacation after all that wedding planning.  ;-)  The rest of the day was spent lounging on the beach and dinner at the Steak restaurant. 

We also received a free tequila tour which we did on our 3rd day.  It was interesting to see how they make tequila and we each were able to try some cooked agave (which is actually really sweet) as well as some free shots.  I must say after shot #2 you really don't taste the tequila anymore....and by shot #4..... 
We followed up the tequila with an authentic lunch of chicken enchiladas with mole sauce, fantastic!  We also visited a local church before returning to the resort.  Then it was back to the beach followed by dinner at the Asian restaurant.

On our 4th day we did a booze cruise.  Oh yeah...that was a good day.  Free drinks on our catamaran as we headed to our 'private' island...followed by banana boat rides, canoeing, sand volley and yet more free drinks.  They also provided lunch...which I know I ate but can't remember what it was for the life of me.  Things were pretty fuzzy for me by then.  ;-)  So glad my hubby was watching out for me...I don't even remember leaving, though apparently I heard I was a lot of fun on the catamaran ride home.  One minute I'm on the beach, the next I'm waking up from a nap in our room, just in time to get ready for our dinner at the Mexican restaurant.  I can't miss the food right?!  Whew!

Our last day in Mazatlan we spent entirely on the beach, starting at 8am!  We played some sand volleyball, soaked up the sun, took a stroll down the coast, enjoyed the drinks and festivities and I even caught up on some reading.  Now it was my turn to take care of Malek.  Needless to say he didn't make it to dinner with me later that evening.      

We were sad to say goodbye to the beach and Mazatlan Saturday morning, however we were both looking forward to getting back home and sleeping in our own bed.  It was a great getaway!  Perfect weather, perfect honeymoon.

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I can use this for #54 as well on my list!

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