Thursday, April 8, 2010

New life full of changes

There are a lot of changing going on in my life this year.  Apparently this is the year I'm taking on EVERYTHING!  Bring it on 2010!

  • Planned a wedding and got married (3/27/2010)

  • Honeymoon!!!!

  • Selling my house

  • Buying a new home (which has a crape myrtle #6!!!)

  • New job at work (#75)

  • New car - minivan!

In January, Malek and I decided we needed to look for a bigger house.  Since we were getting married and combining families and hoping to expand...we definitely needed a larger home.  We listed my house in February, and it was only on the market about a month before getting an offer!  It worked out well because right at that same time we found a house we fell in love with that was almost finished being built.  Once we had the offer on my house, we put an offer in on the Gehan home.  We are scheduled to close on both houses in April.  The new house is GREAT!  2 stories, 2875 sqft, HUGE lot with 4 bdrms, a game room, study, dining room and covered back patio.  Our plan is to stay in this house for the next 15-20yrs...maybe even for the rest of our lives.  :-)  I loath packing and moving and hope we won't have to do it again after this move.

Our wedding was in March, which I talked about in previous blogs.  Everything turned out beautifully, I couldn't have asked for more.  Perfect day, perfect weather, perfect family.  And the honeymoon in Mazatlan was great!  Even came back with a tan despite wearing 30 spf everyday. 

Also in January I decided to interview for a new position at work, which would be the next level up/promo. I interviewed with a panel of 3 people and went up against 8-10 people for the role.  I had no clue if I was a sure candidate or not, the competition was tough.  I received wonderful feedback after my interviews, apparently I blew them all away!  All my prep work had paid off (Thanks Jenn & mom for the tips!)...but they still didn't know who they were going to choose, I just knew I was in the top picks.  Finally almost 2 months later they made their decision, and I GOT THE JOB!  I was thrilled, happy, name it I felt it.  I had been in the same role for almost 4 years and was ready for a change and challenge.  I finally earned it!  I started my new job when I returned from the honeymoon.  This is my first week in my new role.  :-D

Another change this year is the new car I'm getting through my dad at VW.  Yup, that's right, a minivan!  I am getting the Routan.  My friends think this is does my husband.  I was supposed to get a Tiguan but that fell through, and since we are taking a family road trip to MI in June to go camping with my mom and dad...the Routan seemed like a good fit.  We needed the room...and the DVD player for the kids on long trips.  I guess this will be good practice for later ;-)

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