Thursday, April 8, 2010

Random stuff

#70 - Buy a sewing machine.  My mom brought me down on of her sewing machines the week of the wedding.  Now I don't have to go and buy one!  However, I do have to learn house to use it....  :-(

#15 - home cooked meals.  I don't think we'll be doing much cooking in the next month.  With packing and moving we don't have access to much besides a microwave and paper plates.  Not to mention we have tons of left over food from the wedding, enough to probably last us a month!

#24 - Run a 5 miler.  Well, I'm actually running the Cap 10K this Sunday, which is 6.2 miles (I haven't run in a month, so this should be interesting).  I wanted to run an actual 5 miler, but I think running over 6 miles will cover it.  :-)  Most 5 milers are around Thanksgiving, and I'm always traveling at that time.


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