Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I might need a new liver...

Well, this past week has been crazy busy.  I've gone out so much it's amazing really that I'm still standing...guess I'm like the energizer bunny.    I just keep going and going and going...

Here's the recap:
Mon 3/10 - Worked out at lunch.  Actually stayed home in the evening and relaxed!  Ate left over jambalaya.
Tues 3/11 - At the last minute decided to go to Sam's Boat with my softball team.  I was out until about 10pm.  Plus crawfish is in season so I had that for dinner!  Yummy!
Wed 3/12 - Worked out at lunch.  Ate left over jambalaya, then it was softball time!  We won our game and celebrated at Merkaba (our sponsor).  I was being good and made myself leave at 10pm despite all the protests for me to stay out longer. 
Thurs 3/13 - Went to the Rodeo again!  This time I saw Jason Aldean...I knew two of his songs.  It was quite a night, I was up on the TV screens at one point, saw a couple crazy bulls throw some cowboys around and step on them, and finally saw the Mutton Bustin!  That was hilarious, I wish I could have done that as a kid.    Around 8pm I had to have some sausage wraps because the 16 oz beers were catching up to me.
Fri 3/14 - SXSW!  I took the day off work and was downtown by 11:30am and stayed till 7am the next day!  I had to crash at a friends place because I was in no shape to drive.  Luckily I thought ahead and boarded the dogs for the evening so I didn't have to worry about them.  Saw a couple bands, went to Cedar Street, Emo's, and a few other bars...and had dinner at Stubbs.  I think I passed out a little after midnight.  I ended up losing my sunglasses sometime throughout the night.    I was up by 7am, picked up  my car, picked up the dogs, bought new sunglasses and was home by 8:30am.
Sat 3/15 - I wish I could say my day ended when I got home at 8:30am...but nope I was up and going again.  Had lunch at Chuy's then went downtown to Third Base to watch the MSU game.  We lost by 1 freaking point!  How upsetting.  From there I went to a BBQ with my softball team...and yes, that means more beer!  I hung out there for about 3 hrs before heading home to rest for an hour.  Then I was back out to Grahams for some dancing with Tammy!  I must say I had on a cute outfit and was ready to boogie.  My softball team peeps also came out to Grahams.  It was a great night, closed down the bar, then hit up Whataburger for some fries and was home a little after 3am.
Sun 3/16 - Slept in till 10am...I wish I could have slept longer but 10am seems to be my cutoff.  Took the dogs to the dog park, came back home and slept for 2 hours, then sat on the couch and caught up on all my shows.
shamrock Mon 3/17 - HAPPY ST. PATTY'S DAY!  I left work a little early to come home and let the dogs out, then headed down to Bagpipes for some pre-drinks w/ some co-workers.  From there we went to Fado's...which was really packed and cost way too much money.  I won't be doing that next year.  $20 to get in and $9 beers is not a good deal.  We stayed there for an hour before hitting up some other bars (w/ no cover).  I called it a night at midnight and was home a little after 12:30am.

I think that about covers it...I might need a new liver after that week.  I think I'm going to have to take a cue from Monica and give up drinking for a while....ha! Yah, we'll see. 

Failure #15- I didn't make any home meals last week.  But I was eating my left over jambalaya which was a home made meal...I really think that should count.  ;-)

Success #44 and #45 - I'm really keeping up on these items, Excellent!  I work out at least 3x's a week, sometimes more...and my weight is at an all new low!  Gotta get ready for swim suit season...I really need a tan.  My legs are glowing white.

GCS 3/15/08   

Softball Team

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