Thursday, March 27, 2008

#17 - Use my hot tub at the new house

I LOVE MY HOT TUB!  This thing is great! 

Monday night after work and running 3 miles I decided to try out my newly cleaned hot tub.  ;-)  It was a perfect night for it:  the temp outside was around 55 degrees, the sky was crystal clear so I could see the stars, beer in hand and the awesome jets massaging my back made for a wonderful evening.  I slept great that night!

Wednesday after running 4.2 miles during the day and playing softball after work, I came home and decided to partake in some more hot tub action.  I think I was in the hot tub around 2 hours, letting the hot water and bubbles do all the work.    Very soothing! 

Pictures from our last softball game of the season.  Next season starts at the end of April.

Up to bat  Running to 1st base  Running to 3rd

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