Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Class Cinema

Last week my financial advisor sent an email to his clients offering a private screening of "Eat Pray Love" at Gold Class Cinema in the Domain - drinks and food included!  I've heard wonderful things about this theater and this presented the perfect opportunity to try it out!  So I persuaded Jenn and Amanda to join me for a night out.  It really was like flying first class!  When we got there we checked in with the concierge and received our free drink tickets.  While waiting for everyone to show up, we relaxed in the lounge and were served awesome appetizers and drinks.  Finally it was time to grab our seats.  Instead of regular seating, they had fully reclining plush chairs with tables!  They even brought us pillows and blankets in case we got cold.  Several dinner choices and dessert were also included during our show.  We only had to sit through a 10 min financial presentation and then it was straight to the movie.  Definitely worth it!  We had an amazing night out and we didn't spend a dime.  :)  Now that's what I call watching a movie in style. 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Things are pretty slow right now.  My 101 is finished, I haven't started a new project yet, and really the only thing coming up for me to plan is Halloween (which is only 2 months away).  I better get cracking on my costume!

I have decided to tackle a picture project at the beginning of Sept.  30 photos in 30 days. ;) 
This should be easy right?  I'm always the one with the camera taking pictures at hopefully I can handle a picture a day.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Ceramics n More!

Amanda, Jenn and I had some crafty fun last night at Ceramics n More.  Thanks Groupon for the deal!  The ceramics place even let us bring in our own wine and snacks while we painted.  Unfortunately we couldn't take our works of art home with us that night, they still had to be placed in the kiln.  They should be ready for pickup in 5-7 days. 

Isn't my little gargoyle cute!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Hello Blogger!

I have just recently moved my blog from WordPress to Blogger.  Please bear with me as I set up my site and learn all the gadgets.  :-)  Hopefully I'll be up and running soon with new 101 challenges and/or projects!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Time's up! - the 101 recap

Over all I think I did a pretty good job completing my 101 items.  :)
My time expired Aug 13th, 2010.
Finished 80/101 + 8 from supplemental list = That's over 80%!

Unfinished 101 list:
15. Cook at least one home meal(s) a week [i.e. eat out less] (103/143)
16. Actually use my bathtub and soak in a warm bath at least once a quarter. (2/11) - definitely should have done this more!
22. Go downhill snow skiing
23. Go camping at least once a year (2/3) - oh so close!
27. Buy a new bike
31. Go snowboarding for the first time
32. Ride in a hot air balloon
35. Hit golf balls at a driving range (practice practice practice)
38. Move all my pictures from Webshots to a better online digital service website (snapfish?).
42. Actually use the teeth whitening kit I got 3 yrs ago - I did this for a short time before the wedding....and haven't touched it since.
45. Keep weight under (private) lbs fluctuates ~5lbs
46. Learn to change a tire and basic car maintenance - ha, didn't even try this one...
53. Stay at a B&B in Fredericksburg
56. Drive a motorcycle
57. Do more things with my hair besides a ponytail
59. Floss more
63. Attend Oktoberfest in TX
69. Take a sewing machine class
86. Play Frisbee golf again
93. Attend a sing a long at the Alamo
98. Watch some movies off the AFI Greatest Movies list - I have seen movies off this list..just not any during my 101 time frame.

Unfinished Supplemental List

102. Use the raclette my parents bought me 3 yrs ago - fail...maybe this xmas??
103. Start a bi-monthly rotating dinner club (home cooked meals)
107. Send a random gift to a friend

1. Become a homeowner! (Closed 12/14/07)
2. Supervise my parents and help paint my new bedroom and bathroom (Done! 12/18/07)
3. Play paintball (Done! 11/16/2007)
4. Decorate my new house (Done! 12/30/07)
5. Buy new wine glasses (Done! Dec 2007)
6. Plant trees in back yard (Crape myrtles) (April 2010, planted 2 in backyard 5/20/2010)
7. Pack up all my stuff in the apt for the move (100% 12/18/07)
8. Unpack my stuff in the new house (Done! 12/24/07)
9. Buy Christmas lights for the house (Done! 11/29/09)
10. Use my stand mixer (Done! Dec 2008)
11. Buy energy efficient light bulbs (Done! 12/17/07)
12. Buy a lawnmower (Done! 3/17/2008)
13. Buy a weed wacker / edger (Done! 6/27/09)
14. Meet my new neighbors (12/19/07, IP)
17. Use my hot tub at the new house (Done! 3/24/08)
18. Have a house warming party (Done! 4/18/08)  - hosted 2 during this time frame!
19. Clean out my pantry (Done! Dec 2007)
20. Set up a recycling system in my home (Enrolled! 12/6/2007)
21. Use my fireplace (Done! 3/6/2008)
24. Run a 5 miler (I've run the Cap 10K which is 6.2 miles)
25. Join a co-ed sports team (Done! 1/30/08)
26. Try a yoga class / tape (Done! 2/17/09)
28. Compete in a Triathlon. Changed to join a Boot Camp (Done! 12/1/2009-1/28/2010)
29. Get back into a cardio step class (started 12/12/07)
30. Beat my Capitol 10K PR [57:39] (Done! 3/30/2008 [55:34])
33. Fire a gun at a shooting range (Done! 2/10/08)
34. Put my golf lessons to work and actually play 9 or 18 holes (Done! 5/15/09)
36. Go to the Circus! (Done! 8/22/09)
37. Join Word of the Day Mailing List to help build up my vocabulary (Done! 11/20/07)
39. Print off a photo book of my online pictures. Use Webshots or blurb or picaboo?? (created and ordered our engagement books from shutterfly 12/15/09)
40. Read more than just fiction novels/books, or read in general! (IP) - ongoing success!
41. Clean out closets and donate clothes to charity at least once a year (4/3) (Done! 1/11/2010)
43. Make a new friend outside of my normal circles (ongoing)
44. Work out at least 3x's a week [IP] (holidays and vacations permitting) - ongoing success! 
47. Finish this list! (Done! 11/20/07)
48. Take a vacation to Hawaii or somewhere outside the US (Done! Alaska July 2009)
49. Go to a winery in TX or do a wine tour (Done! 11/14/09, Mandola Winery)
50. Take a girls trip (Done! 11/14/09, Wimberly ziplines, winery, road trip)
51. Visit JK in Houston (Done! 12/6/2008)
52. Take a road trip (Done! - Trip to IN/MI from 6/5-6/12/2010
54. Go to the beach (Done! Beach in Mazatlan MX 3/29-4/3/2010)
55. Go somewhere new in the US (Done! - My Alaska trip counts!
58. Get an electric tooth brush (advised by my dentist) (Done! Dec 2007)
60. Volunteer for a good cause (Done! 12/4/2007)
61. Spend more time outside (Done! 4/14/08 and ongoing)
62. Attend Wurstfest in TX (Done! 11/8/2008)
64. Start using anti-aging creams [ongoing]
65. Eat out somewhere new (a nice restaurant like Jazz, Truluck's, etc) [IP] (Boiling Pot 4/28/08, Truluck's 2/16/09, NoRTH 6/8/09, Louie's 106 9/4/09, Fogo de Chao 12/9/09, Roaring Fork 1/22/10)
66. Set up my new computer and figure out how to transfer all the files (Done! Dec 2007)
67. Set up the monkey speakers for my computer that I bought 4 months ago! (Done! Dec 2007)
68. Update the music on my mp3 player (Done! 6/11/2008)
70. Buy a sewing machine (My mom gave me her sewing machine in March 2010)
71. Wear more dresses / skirts (34/?) (Going strong!)
72. Get new sleepwear (Dec 2007)
73. Make time for another professional massage (Done! 3/30/2010)
74. Find a new job/role at work (Jan/Feb 2009)
75. Achieve the next level at work (Success! March/April 2010)
76. Go to a concert in town (Done! 4/28/2008)
77. Go see a band in town (Done! 11/20/07)
78. See an orchestra (Done! 12/26/07)
79. See a play (Done! 8/25/09) - Wicked!
80. Encourage someone else to do 101 in 1001 (Done! 6/27/2008)
81. Donate blood at least 3x’s a year (9/9) (Received points for trying on my last donation 6/23/2010, Done!)
82. Go on a picnic (Done! 8/15/2010)
83. Enjoy a candlelit dinner (Done! Dec 2008)
84. Swim in Barton Spring Pool (Done! 8/15/2010)
85. Ascend all 99 steps to the top of Mt. Bonnell (Done! 12/13/09)
87. Run around Town Lake again on the weekend (Done! as of March 2008, IP)
88. Go horseback riding again (haven’t been in over 6 yrs) (Done! At Pokagon 6/7/2010)
89. Have a stein-full of brew from Scholz Garten-Texas' oldest German Bier garten. (Done! 8/30/2008)
90. Have a beignet from Crescent City Beignets (The bakery closed down in 2008, unable to complete 12/13/09)
91. Buy a new belt buckle (Done! 11/18/2008)
92. Buy a new pair of black everyday sandals (Done! 6/1/2008)
94. Work with Guinness on his SA (N/A)  - RIP Guinness, you were a great dog! I love you and miss you.
95. Buy a dog run for the backyard or put in a dog trolley (N/A)
96. Take Sarah on a run with me (IP, Jan 2009)
97. Adventures/exercise for Sarah (ongoing)
99. Send out Christmas cards at least once during this time period (Done! Ordered 11/19/09)
100. Attend an MSU basketball game (planned for Dec 2009) (Done! 12/22/09)
101. Blog about this list! - definitely on top of this!

Completed Supplemental List
104. Write a Will (Done! 5/14/2010)
105. Take a painting class ** changed (from photography) ** (Done! 2/12/2010, Painting with a Twist)
106. Have a girls weekend (same as scratching it off the list)
108. Go to a rodeo (Done! 3/3/2008)
109. Buy a new vacuum (Done! 7/26/2008)
110. Buy a grill (Done! 8/7/08)
111. Home Theater System (Done! Dec 2008)
112. Challenge myself - Go to the movies by myself (Done! 10/2/2008)
113. Have a cookie from Austin Cookie Lounge (replaces #90, another one bites the dust...apparently it closed)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Barton Springs (84) and Picnic (82)!

Even though my 101 ended 2 days ago,  I managed to complete 2 more items!

We decided to take the kids and the dogs to a park today.  First we went to Barton Creek Greenbelt, hiked all the way to where the water should have been...only to discover everything was bone dry!  Bummer!  So from there we decided to hit up Barton Springs, plus I've been wanting to go there all summer.  We found out when we arrived that pets and food are not allowed in the pool area, so we went to the creek right next to the pool and played there with all the other families and doggies.  We had an awesome time!  The dogs even had a blast playing in the water.  We also fit in a mini picnic of fruits and sandwiches.  :)  Great way to spend a 100 degree Sunday - in the water and with family.  Love Austin!

IMG_5732    IMG_5744

Thursday, August 12, 2010

the last supper

I managed to make one more meal before my 101 ends.  ;-)

Lasagna!  And it was oh so good.  I tell yah, adding cream cheese makes everything better.

#15 - Cook at least one home meal(s) a week [i.e. eat out less] (103/143)

T-1 day

Since the housewarming party 2 weekend ago, we've done NOTHING.  And it's been great!  We've been so busy with projects for the house that now we just want to sit back and relax. 

We decided to take the day off from work today and hang out with the kids.  We plan on going to lunch, ice skating..and maybe a movie!

So much for my list, I doubt we could fit the rest of my 101 items in before tomorrow.  :-P

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

House Unveiling Party

We did it!  3 months after moving into our new house, 2 months of projects, 1 month Evite notice and what seemed like a gazillion purchases....we finally had the big unveiling of our home.  For the party I had a snack menu prepared of my favorite food staples, but after relentless teasing from 2 of my closest friends (who shall remain nameless - A&J!), I switched it up.  We prepared a wonderful spread of Tex-Mex themed apps including a nacho bar with all the fixin's, queso, taquitos, 7 layer bean dip (that I made myself) and home-made Mexican Wedding cookies.  And to really top it off we rented a MARGARITA machine!  Everything went off without a hitch and we had a great time sharing our home with all our friends, family and co-workers.  Surprisingly I only took 5 pictures during the party.  I know! unlike me!  I was having too good a time to mess with the camera.  ;-)

I must say all our hard work really paid off!  We received numerous compliments on our home.  HUGE kudos to my friend Jennifer R for all her decorating advice and to my awesome husband for all the manual labor he had to endure.  LUV you guys!  I had the easy job of shopping for everything and supervising.  :-D

Here's a list of all the home projects we completed before the party:
  • raised vanity in the master bath and a cabinet installed over the 'throne'
  • raised vanity in the kids bath, added double sinks, and cabinet over the commode
  • installed a cabinet above the powder bath commode as well
  • new curtains and hardware for the living, dining and breakfast nook areas
  • new curtains and hardware for both kids rooms
  • new bedding (comforters/sheets/pillows) for both kids rooms (Thanks Nana!)
  • new 55" flat screen TV for the living room (AWESOME!)
  • hired professional painters to paint the living room/hallways/entry in Sand Nile (khaki/green), kitchen/breakfast nook in Cherry Cobbler (red), and the dining room in Aster (light purple).  There was NO WAY we were painting those 2 story high walls in the living room ourselves.
  • laid down edging for the front flowerbed
  • planted 6 new trees in the backyard
  • hung rope lights on the back porch (mood lighting!)
  • sealed the tile in the bathrooms (still need to seal the kitchen/entry/living rm areas)
  • stained the fence (this was actually done the day after the housewarming party)  ;-)
  • new rug for breakfast nook
  • several new wall decor pieces, decorative couch pillows and various other items throughout the house
  • new his and her L-desks for the study and matching bookcase
  • several new frames for all our engagement/wedding/family pictures
  • installed new fans for the study & kids room and bought a nicer fan for the living room (which we still need to install, old fan will go to the guest room)

And of course what you've all been waiting for - the pictures of our home!
Image hosted by
by cfreund

Monday, August 2, 2010

Eating In!

#15 – home cooked meal(s) (102/143)

I baked/cooked/fried/sautéed several home-made foods this week:
Thursday - Evan and I cooked my favorite chicken w/ wine dinner, accompanied with rice
Saturday - Made homemade Mexican Wedding cookies and a 7 layer bean dip for the housewarming party.
Sunday - Grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.  Yes, I know it's just a simple grilled cheese...but I still made them vs going out to eat!  Of course we did end up ordering Pizza for dinner.  :-P

#16 - Jacuzzi bubble bath time!

# 16. Soak in the tub (2/11)

Started the weekend off right!  First we joined the Cox's at their home for dinner and socializing, and when we came home Malek suggested we celebrate our upcoming housewarming party by christening our jacuzzi bath tub with a relaxing bubble bath!  This gave me the opportunity to finally use the 'Cosmopolitan Bath Ice Cream Fizzy' that Monica had given me almost 2 years ago!  Thx Moni!  It was a great way to unwind from the week; sipping on champagne (same kind from our wedding), sensational bubbles and fizziness, and silky smooth skin that smelled delicious!  My little rubber ducky (which I have displayed on the tub) partook in the rolling bubbles as well, and turned out to be a mighty fine spray toy too!  It took several tries but I was finally able to squirt Malek between the eyes. ;-)

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