Monday, August 16, 2010

Time's up! - the 101 recap

Over all I think I did a pretty good job completing my 101 items.  :)
My time expired Aug 13th, 2010.
Finished 80/101 + 8 from supplemental list = That's over 80%!

Unfinished 101 list:
15. Cook at least one home meal(s) a week [i.e. eat out less] (103/143)
16. Actually use my bathtub and soak in a warm bath at least once a quarter. (2/11) - definitely should have done this more!
22. Go downhill snow skiing
23. Go camping at least once a year (2/3) - oh so close!
27. Buy a new bike
31. Go snowboarding for the first time
32. Ride in a hot air balloon
35. Hit golf balls at a driving range (practice practice practice)
38. Move all my pictures from Webshots to a better online digital service website (snapfish?).
42. Actually use the teeth whitening kit I got 3 yrs ago - I did this for a short time before the wedding....and haven't touched it since.
45. Keep weight under (private) lbs fluctuates ~5lbs
46. Learn to change a tire and basic car maintenance - ha, didn't even try this one...
53. Stay at a B&B in Fredericksburg
56. Drive a motorcycle
57. Do more things with my hair besides a ponytail
59. Floss more
63. Attend Oktoberfest in TX
69. Take a sewing machine class
86. Play Frisbee golf again
93. Attend a sing a long at the Alamo
98. Watch some movies off the AFI Greatest Movies list - I have seen movies off this list..just not any during my 101 time frame.

Unfinished Supplemental List

102. Use the raclette my parents bought me 3 yrs ago - fail...maybe this xmas??
103. Start a bi-monthly rotating dinner club (home cooked meals)
107. Send a random gift to a friend

1. Become a homeowner! (Closed 12/14/07)
2. Supervise my parents and help paint my new bedroom and bathroom (Done! 12/18/07)
3. Play paintball (Done! 11/16/2007)
4. Decorate my new house (Done! 12/30/07)
5. Buy new wine glasses (Done! Dec 2007)
6. Plant trees in back yard (Crape myrtles) (April 2010, planted 2 in backyard 5/20/2010)
7. Pack up all my stuff in the apt for the move (100% 12/18/07)
8. Unpack my stuff in the new house (Done! 12/24/07)
9. Buy Christmas lights for the house (Done! 11/29/09)
10. Use my stand mixer (Done! Dec 2008)
11. Buy energy efficient light bulbs (Done! 12/17/07)
12. Buy a lawnmower (Done! 3/17/2008)
13. Buy a weed wacker / edger (Done! 6/27/09)
14. Meet my new neighbors (12/19/07, IP)
17. Use my hot tub at the new house (Done! 3/24/08)
18. Have a house warming party (Done! 4/18/08)  - hosted 2 during this time frame!
19. Clean out my pantry (Done! Dec 2007)
20. Set up a recycling system in my home (Enrolled! 12/6/2007)
21. Use my fireplace (Done! 3/6/2008)
24. Run a 5 miler (I've run the Cap 10K which is 6.2 miles)
25. Join a co-ed sports team (Done! 1/30/08)
26. Try a yoga class / tape (Done! 2/17/09)
28. Compete in a Triathlon. Changed to join a Boot Camp (Done! 12/1/2009-1/28/2010)
29. Get back into a cardio step class (started 12/12/07)
30. Beat my Capitol 10K PR [57:39] (Done! 3/30/2008 [55:34])
33. Fire a gun at a shooting range (Done! 2/10/08)
34. Put my golf lessons to work and actually play 9 or 18 holes (Done! 5/15/09)
36. Go to the Circus! (Done! 8/22/09)
37. Join Word of the Day Mailing List to help build up my vocabulary (Done! 11/20/07)
39. Print off a photo book of my online pictures. Use Webshots or blurb or picaboo?? (created and ordered our engagement books from shutterfly 12/15/09)
40. Read more than just fiction novels/books, or read in general! (IP) - ongoing success!
41. Clean out closets and donate clothes to charity at least once a year (4/3) (Done! 1/11/2010)
43. Make a new friend outside of my normal circles (ongoing)
44. Work out at least 3x's a week [IP] (holidays and vacations permitting) - ongoing success! 
47. Finish this list! (Done! 11/20/07)
48. Take a vacation to Hawaii or somewhere outside the US (Done! Alaska July 2009)
49. Go to a winery in TX or do a wine tour (Done! 11/14/09, Mandola Winery)
50. Take a girls trip (Done! 11/14/09, Wimberly ziplines, winery, road trip)
51. Visit JK in Houston (Done! 12/6/2008)
52. Take a road trip (Done! - Trip to IN/MI from 6/5-6/12/2010
54. Go to the beach (Done! Beach in Mazatlan MX 3/29-4/3/2010)
55. Go somewhere new in the US (Done! - My Alaska trip counts!
58. Get an electric tooth brush (advised by my dentist) (Done! Dec 2007)
60. Volunteer for a good cause (Done! 12/4/2007)
61. Spend more time outside (Done! 4/14/08 and ongoing)
62. Attend Wurstfest in TX (Done! 11/8/2008)
64. Start using anti-aging creams [ongoing]
65. Eat out somewhere new (a nice restaurant like Jazz, Truluck's, etc) [IP] (Boiling Pot 4/28/08, Truluck's 2/16/09, NoRTH 6/8/09, Louie's 106 9/4/09, Fogo de Chao 12/9/09, Roaring Fork 1/22/10)
66. Set up my new computer and figure out how to transfer all the files (Done! Dec 2007)
67. Set up the monkey speakers for my computer that I bought 4 months ago! (Done! Dec 2007)
68. Update the music on my mp3 player (Done! 6/11/2008)
70. Buy a sewing machine (My mom gave me her sewing machine in March 2010)
71. Wear more dresses / skirts (34/?) (Going strong!)
72. Get new sleepwear (Dec 2007)
73. Make time for another professional massage (Done! 3/30/2010)
74. Find a new job/role at work (Jan/Feb 2009)
75. Achieve the next level at work (Success! March/April 2010)
76. Go to a concert in town (Done! 4/28/2008)
77. Go see a band in town (Done! 11/20/07)
78. See an orchestra (Done! 12/26/07)
79. See a play (Done! 8/25/09) - Wicked!
80. Encourage someone else to do 101 in 1001 (Done! 6/27/2008)
81. Donate blood at least 3x’s a year (9/9) (Received points for trying on my last donation 6/23/2010, Done!)
82. Go on a picnic (Done! 8/15/2010)
83. Enjoy a candlelit dinner (Done! Dec 2008)
84. Swim in Barton Spring Pool (Done! 8/15/2010)
85. Ascend all 99 steps to the top of Mt. Bonnell (Done! 12/13/09)
87. Run around Town Lake again on the weekend (Done! as of March 2008, IP)
88. Go horseback riding again (haven’t been in over 6 yrs) (Done! At Pokagon 6/7/2010)
89. Have a stein-full of brew from Scholz Garten-Texas' oldest German Bier garten. (Done! 8/30/2008)
90. Have a beignet from Crescent City Beignets (The bakery closed down in 2008, unable to complete 12/13/09)
91. Buy a new belt buckle (Done! 11/18/2008)
92. Buy a new pair of black everyday sandals (Done! 6/1/2008)
94. Work with Guinness on his SA (N/A)  - RIP Guinness, you were a great dog! I love you and miss you.
95. Buy a dog run for the backyard or put in a dog trolley (N/A)
96. Take Sarah on a run with me (IP, Jan 2009)
97. Adventures/exercise for Sarah (ongoing)
99. Send out Christmas cards at least once during this time period (Done! Ordered 11/19/09)
100. Attend an MSU basketball game (planned for Dec 2009) (Done! 12/22/09)
101. Blog about this list! - definitely on top of this!

Completed Supplemental List
104. Write a Will (Done! 5/14/2010)
105. Take a painting class ** changed (from photography) ** (Done! 2/12/2010, Painting with a Twist)
106. Have a girls weekend (same as scratching it off the list)
108. Go to a rodeo (Done! 3/3/2008)
109. Buy a new vacuum (Done! 7/26/2008)
110. Buy a grill (Done! 8/7/08)
111. Home Theater System (Done! Dec 2008)
112. Challenge myself - Go to the movies by myself (Done! 10/2/2008)
113. Have a cookie from Austin Cookie Lounge (replaces #90, another one bites the dust...apparently it closed)

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