Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Class Cinema

Last week my financial advisor sent an email to his clients offering a private screening of "Eat Pray Love" at Gold Class Cinema in the Domain - drinks and food included!  I've heard wonderful things about this theater and this presented the perfect opportunity to try it out!  So I persuaded Jenn and Amanda to join me for a night out.  It really was like flying first class!  When we got there we checked in with the concierge and received our free drink tickets.  While waiting for everyone to show up, we relaxed in the lounge and were served awesome appetizers and drinks.  Finally it was time to grab our seats.  Instead of regular seating, they had fully reclining plush chairs with tables!  They even brought us pillows and blankets in case we got cold.  Several dinner choices and dessert were also included during our show.  We only had to sit through a 10 min financial presentation and then it was straight to the movie.  Definitely worth it!  We had an amazing night out and we didn't spend a dime.  :)  Now that's what I call watching a movie in style. 

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