Tuesday, August 3, 2010

House Unveiling Party

We did it!  3 months after moving into our new house, 2 months of projects, 1 month Evite notice and what seemed like a gazillion purchases....we finally had the big unveiling of our home.  For the party I had a snack menu prepared of my favorite food staples, but after relentless teasing from 2 of my closest friends (who shall remain nameless - A&J!), I switched it up.  We prepared a wonderful spread of Tex-Mex themed apps including a nacho bar with all the fixin's, queso, taquitos, 7 layer bean dip (that I made myself) and home-made Mexican Wedding cookies.  And to really top it off we rented a MARGARITA machine!  Everything went off without a hitch and we had a great time sharing our home with all our friends, family and co-workers.  Surprisingly I only took 5 pictures during the party.  I know!...so unlike me!  I was having too good a time to mess with the camera.  ;-)

I must say all our hard work really paid off!  We received numerous compliments on our home.  HUGE kudos to my friend Jennifer R for all her decorating advice and to my awesome husband for all the manual labor he had to endure.  LUV you guys!  I had the easy job of shopping for everything and supervising.  :-D

Here's a list of all the home projects we completed before the party:
  • raised vanity in the master bath and a cabinet installed over the 'throne'
  • raised vanity in the kids bath, added double sinks, and cabinet over the commode
  • installed a cabinet above the powder bath commode as well
  • new curtains and hardware for the living, dining and breakfast nook areas
  • new curtains and hardware for both kids rooms
  • new bedding (comforters/sheets/pillows) for both kids rooms (Thanks Nana!)
  • new 55" flat screen TV for the living room (AWESOME!)
  • hired professional painters to paint the living room/hallways/entry in Sand Nile (khaki/green), kitchen/breakfast nook in Cherry Cobbler (red), and the dining room in Aster (light purple).  There was NO WAY we were painting those 2 story high walls in the living room ourselves.
  • laid down edging for the front flowerbed
  • planted 6 new trees in the backyard
  • hung rope lights on the back porch (mood lighting!)
  • sealed the tile in the bathrooms (still need to seal the kitchen/entry/living rm areas)
  • stained the fence (this was actually done the day after the housewarming party)  ;-)
  • new rug for breakfast nook
  • several new wall decor pieces, decorative couch pillows and various other items throughout the house
  • new his and her L-desks for the study and matching bookcase
  • several new frames for all our engagement/wedding/family pictures
  • installed new fans for the study & kids room and bought a nicer fan for the living room (which we still need to install, old fan will go to the guest room)

And of course what you've all been waiting for - the pictures of our home!
Image hosted by Webshots.com
by cfreund

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