Sunday, August 15, 2010

Barton Springs (84) and Picnic (82)!

Even though my 101 ended 2 days ago,  I managed to complete 2 more items!

We decided to take the kids and the dogs to a park today.  First we went to Barton Creek Greenbelt, hiked all the way to where the water should have been...only to discover everything was bone dry!  Bummer!  So from there we decided to hit up Barton Springs, plus I've been wanting to go there all summer.  We found out when we arrived that pets and food are not allowed in the pool area, so we went to the creek right next to the pool and played there with all the other families and doggies.  We had an awesome time!  The dogs even had a blast playing in the water.  We also fit in a mini picnic of fruits and sandwiches.  :)  Great way to spend a 100 degree Sunday - in the water and with family.  Love Austin!

IMG_5732    IMG_5744

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