Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lots of 40s!

Gotta love the summer time!  We had another awesome weekend last weekend.

Friday we had Karen and my co-worker Christie over for hotdogs and hamburgers.  All the kids had a blast together.  It's nice that they are old enough to entertain themselves and take care of the younger kids.  :-)  Gave us adults some nice relaxing social time.  (#15 - home cooked meal(s) (56/143)

Saturday, during the day, Karen and Sabrina joined us at my neighborhood pool.  I couldn't believe how nice it was!  I never made it to the pool last year and now wish I had.  The pool is huge and has a nice kiddie pool too.  Surrounding the pool is a sand volleyball court, playscapes, grills and picnic tables.  Definitely going to be there more this summer.

Saturday night we had 2 bday parties to attend.  First was Victoria's 40th at Juniors in RR.  Then we headed downtown to Annie's West for Jones 40th bday.  We ended up staying out till 1:30am or so.  We had a great time!  I hadn't been downtown since January, so it was a nice change.  I think we finally made it to bed around 2:30am.  Woohoo!

Jonathan and Christina 6/13/09     The Girls at Annie's West - Jenn, Tina Mon 6/13/09

Sunday we took it easy.  We visited Malek's dad in LakeWay for an early dinner, hung out and was home by a reasonable hour.  Of course we still had a volleyball game at 8pm, which we won!

All in all a great weekend!

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