Wednesday, June 24, 2009

#97 - adventures/exercise for Sarah (33/33)

I think I should change this from "Take Sarah to the dog park" to "take Sarah out and about for exercise/adventures".  I've actually been taking her around to a lot of different places.  She's come out to Sam's Boat on the weekends, brought her to several softball games, and we take her to Hanover's for sand volleyball.  She loves it!  She gets lots of attention from everyone and can sniff/smell to her hearts content...not to mention explore and play with other dogs that are around.

We also took Sarah camping a couple months ago where she played in the water and fetched many sticks.  We also found a boat rental place that allows I think the next thing will be to get her a life-vest and take her out on the lake! :-D
Back at the beach 3/20/08

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