Monday, June 1, 2009

Family, weddings and fun

This past week/end was super busy! 

Malek and I left Wednesday morning to fly to Ohio for my cousin's wedding.  Wednesday night was the bachelor/bachelorette parties.  The men went to a baseball game and the women went to dinner at Bravo (excellent Italian!) followed by drinks afterwards.  Thursday morning Amy's husband to be, Rob, was promoted to Captain and there was a ceremony we attended in his honor.  Thursday evening was the rehearsal dinner out at Bass Lake Lodge on the military base.  It was a nice casual event where we could catch up with everyone.  Friday morning we were able to sleep in and take our time getting ready, we didn't have to be at the church until 3pm.  The wedding was at 5pm and it was a very nice ceremony followed by the Arch of Sabers (military tradition).  Then it was off to the celebration!  The reception was held at Carillon Park, we were in the building which featured old fashioned trolleys and trains that you could explore.  The music was awesome, all 40's and 50's classic songs.  Loved it!  The weather was perfect and the food was delish!  Couldn't have asked for a better wedding day.  Morning came all too soon.  We had to rise bright and early Saturday morning and head to Janie and Bob's for brunch.  My mom, Deanie and I (well mainly mom and Dean, Malek and I formed the kitchen maintenance brigade) were hosting the brunch for all the guests.  We ended up going through 64 pigs in a blanket in something like 2 hours!  We also had other items to graze on such as yogurt parfait, bagels, fruit...but it was the pigs in a blanket that were a huge hit.  Afterwards Amy and Rob opened their wedding gifts and said their goodbyes.  They had to leave by 3pm for their trip to TX where Rob would be stationed for training.  The rest of the afternoon was spent napping and catching up with family. 

Another celebration this past weekend was Steve's MBA graduation.   So Saturday night we all went out for Chinese to celebrate. 

We finally made it back to Austin around 6pm Sunday night, and we had a volleyball game at 9pm too!  It was a great week/end visiting family.
Group shot, rehearsal dinner 5/28/09     The Newly Weds - Amy & Rob Goodreau 5/29/09     Jonathan & Christina 5/29/09   Sarah & Tina 05292009

I think I've blown #71 out of the water and can cross it off. I wear skirts/dresses all the time now.

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