Monday, June 8, 2009

3x's the charm

Yes, yet another busy fun weekend. 3 weekends in a row!

Friday we had Karen and Jenn C over for wine and cheese.  Wow, did not realize how much I had to drink....the few cheese and crackers I ate was not enough to save me from Saturday's woes.  I have no clue when I went to bed...just know I woke up in my clothes from the day before ready to face hell.  But we all had a wonderful time hanging out and catching up.  Good times!  Headache to ensue....

Saturday...oh woe is me.  I'm miserable...The whole day I was nauseated and I had my jewelry party to host!  Thank god for Karen, she helped get the house ready for all my guests (while I sat on the couch like a sack of potatoes ready for the next time I had to pray to the porcelain gods).  Malek had left at 7:30am to volunteer for a race...lucky man.  Thankfully I made it through the party without anyone really noticing my pasty skin (only 1 trip to the bathroom during those 3 hrs and thank goodness for makeup).  Party was over by 4pm, Karen helped clean up and then we just sat around for an hour or so recovering.  I was finally able to eat something around 5:30pm.  Hallelujah!

Sunday was Evan's 13th birthday party.  We headed over to Pflugerville Lake for an afternoon of BBQing and water time.  I even brought Sarah with me, she had a blast.  She went swimming (after I nicely dropped her in) and explored the shores while we paddled around in canoe boats and battled it out with water balloons.  By 4pm we were done (some of us, Malek, were burnt) and ready to head home.  After a nap, we went to our evening volleyball game.

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