Monday, December 10, 2007

#7 - Pack up all my stuff in the apt for the move

I finally started packing this weekend!  Saturday morning was the kick off and went really well with some help from Nate.  We got about 2 hrs of packing done before needing a lunch break.  Then the girls (Monica, Brandy & Amanda) came over Sunday for the packing party.  I ordered pizza for everyone and we packed from noon-3:00pm.  Wow!  What would have taken me a week to pack was accomplished in 3 hrs!  The entire kitchen is done (plates, pots & pans, appliances, glasses, china, etc).  We even took down all the curtains, packed pillows and all my books in the study!  What a relief to have the major stuff done.  All that's left is the pantry and fridge, bathrooms, TV and a few odds and ends.  The rest shouldn't take too much time and some of it I can't pack anyways until moving day.  A big THANK YOU to everyone that helped! 

Even though the packing is still in progress (80% complete), I consider this task pretty much finished...since all the major stuff is done.  I'll do a little more packing tonight and tomorrow to wrap it all up!


  1. Woohoo! Are we going to sit in your empty house after you close? LOL.

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