Tuesday, December 4, 2007

#60 & #15 - Volunteer for a good cause and Cook at least one home meal(s) a week

#60 - Today I volunteered for Coats for Kids. Coats for Kids is a non profit foundation serving at risk kids by distributing new coats. From 11-2pm I worked with other volunteers sorting through "gently used" coats, new coats and placing them on hangers/racks. It was actually hard tiring work! My whole body is sore from bending over boxes and tables all day. Not to mention my hands are all scratched up from the hangers. But it's all worth it for the kids!

#15 - Tonight I made the Firecracker Flank Steak that I put together at Super Suppers for Amanda's birthday last weekend. Super Suppers definitely made it easy! At Super Suppers, they handle the shopping, chopping and mopping for you! That’s right, no stress or kitchen mess! All you have to do is prepare the delicious, chef-designed entrĂ©es and then take it home and freeze for later. It turned out pretty darn good! The meat was a little chewy but over all it had pretty good flavor and only took 10 mins to get it all ready. I also had bread and a salad with cherries and great company to go with it. Yea for me!

Firecracker Flank Steak

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