Friday, June 4, 2010

Road trip & camping!

3 for the price of 1!  :-)  Our upcoming journey....

#23 - Camping at least once a year
#52 - Take a road trip
#88 - Horseback riding

Malek and I decided to take a vacation with the kids to MI (they've been wanting to go for a while) and camp with my parents.  We will be camping at Pokagon State Park in Indiana for 3 nights, then heading to MI for a couple of days before driving back to TX.  The drive takes about 23 hours one way, hence why we have a mini-van with DVD players!  We hear wonderful things about this State Park as it has many activities - horseback riding (#88), hiking & biking trails, fishing, swimming beach w/ volleyball nets and boating!  There's also an Amish community about an hour away we could check out, if we find the time to fit it in.  The kids are gonna love it, heck I'm super excited!  We also plan on breaking in our dutch oven, my parents have some great recipes for dutch oven cooking.  They also have a pop-up camper (while we are in tents) with AC, a stove, a shower..and all other modern conveniences!  That's their idea of 'roughing it'.  :-P

Also, for dinner one night in MI, I'm hoping we'll get the chance to dine and play at Palazzo di Bocce.  I think the kids will love it!

More updates will be posted once we return from this adventure!

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