Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Family road trip to Pokagon and MI

#15 – Home cooked meals (camping meals count!) (95/143) #23 – Camping at least once a year (2/3) #40 – Read more books #52 – Take a road trip
#88 – Horseback riding
We had an absolutely fabulous vacation!  I'm so glad we had the Routan, it made the LONG 22-23 hour road trip so much more comfortable and enjoyable.  The kids played Wii and watched movies the entire time, Malek drove the majority of the time and I read 4 books!  :-D  That's right, 4 of them; 2 by Chelsea Handler - "Are you there Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea" and "My Horizontal Life" and 2 by Emily Giffin - "Something Borrowed" and "Something Blue".

Pokagon was an awesome camping state park.  During our stay we went on several hikes, Evan went fly fishing, Emma and I went horseback riding (#88), spent some time on the beach/lake and we even explored an Amish town/flea market in Shipshewana.  There was only one evening that it rained on us, during that time we all piled into my parents camper and watched Tremors (LUV this movie), The Princess Bride and Ice Age.  AND finally we were able to experience dutch oven cooking, my parents have been bragging about it for years.  We sampled a variety of recipes, including desserts - Dutch oven cooking is amazing!  We even made Evan a chocolate cake in the dutch oven for his birthday.  Happy Birthday Evan!

After camping we drove the remaining 2.5 hours to my parents house in Lake Orion.  We enjoyed a mouth watering steak dinner that night (great grillin' Dad!), then Malek and I met up with a HS friend of mine at BW3's for drinks.  The next day we enjoyed ricotta cheese pancakes with lemon curd for breakfast.  The kids even loved it and there was nothing leftover.  For lunch Malek & I and the kids went back to BW3's to catch up with some more HS friends.  Afterwards we relaxed at home, the kids just loved the basement and were down there constantly playing Wii and various other games.  For dinner we went to my parents favorite pub at Canterbury Village (on Thursdays they have an awesome pizza special), wandered around the village for a bit and even managed to take some nice family pictures at the gazebo.  Then it was back to the house where the kids made banana parfait with my mom for dessert and then we packed up the car for our early morning departure.  OMG I'm sooooo full from all the food!

The trip home felt much longer, probably due to our jam-packed week of activities.  We were all extremely happy to arrive back at the house Saturday afternoon so we could unpack and unwind.  On Sunday Malek and I actually went for a morning jog, then took the kids to Pluckers for lunch and then over to the pool for a couple of hours, followed by a volleyball game later that night.  Can you say EXHAUSTED!  I think Monday back at work was our actual recovery day.

Pokagon State park - our camp site 6/6/2010   Pokagon State park - my parents camper 6/6/2010
Dutch oven cooking - Pokagon 6/6/2010   Freunds - Pokagon 6/6/2010
Fishing at Pokagon 6/7/2010   Saddle Barn at Pokagon 6/7/2010
Beach at Pokagon 6/7/2010   Beach at Pokagon 6/7/2010
Dinner 6/7/2010   Amish Carousel 6/8/2010 Watching movies in the camper 6/8/2010   Dinner at my parents 6/9/2010Fun in the yard 6/10/2010   HS friends at BW3's 6/10/2010  
Emma's beard 6/10/2010   Emma's beard 6/10/2010    

Gazebo at Canterbury Village 6/10/2010   Gazebo at Canterbury Village 6/10/2010

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