Monday, August 31, 2009

Bring on the clowns! Part II

This past Saturday marked the 8th Annual Clown Crawl and Malek's virgin outing!  :-P

We met at Brian's house for an early dinner, homeslice pizza!, and to prepare for our transformations into clowns.  A couple hours later we were on our way towards Little Woodrows on 6th (always the starting point for the clown crawl).  I was shocked by how many clowns remembered me from last year!  This year was defintely a good one, way better than last yrs.  There were quite a few newbie clowns this year as well.  We lasted the entire time too, with the last stop always at Katz's Deli.  Nourishment is greatly needed after 8 hrs of drinking.  :-D

Tassel (Malek) had a great time and did us clowns proud!  Mwah!

~ Sunshine the Clown
Lefty, Sunshine, Tassel and Spanky 8/29/09      Sunshine and Tassel 8/29/09
Clown Crawl VIII, Littlefield Fountain 8/29/09

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For the first time...I feel...Wicked!

#79 - See a play

Last night us girls had a wonderful evening.  Jenn, Renee, Kim, Monica, Kerey, Amanda S and I started off the night with dinner at Vivo.  I was finally able to use my gift card that I had won 2 yrs ago at a party!  :-P  Dinner was very good, we had a nice room to ourselves and the atmosphere was perfect, the artwork left us all with fascinating daydreams I'm sure.  At the end of our meal everyone received a rose, how sweet!

Then off to the musical we went.  I had heard great things about Wicked and was blown away by the Broadway show.  Now I want to read the novel, I hear it's even better than the play!  A great night with a great group of women!

Here's a few of the hilarious lines from Wicked:

Glinda:  And what exactly have you been doing besides riding around on that filthy, old thing?
Elphaba:  Well, we can't all come and go by bubble.

Glinda::  "I know you don't want to hear this but someone has to say it! You are out of control! I mean they're just shoes... let it go!"

--- G(a)linda:  "It's good to see me, isn't it? Oh, no need to answer- that was rhetorical."

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bring on the clowns! Part I

#36 - Go to the Circus!  Bring on the clowns!
The circus is in town!  Saturday afternoon Karen & Brina and Malek & I took the kids to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus at the Frank Erwin Center.  I haven't seen the circus since I was a kid!  Not sure who was more excited.  :-D  We saw elephants, tigers and clowns oh my!  We were there early enough for the pre-show and the actual circus lasted about 2 hours.  My favorite was the motorcycle cage and Evan liked the trapeze acrobats.  On the way home we stopped at Red Robin for dinner.  All in all a great day!  Next week, the Clown Crawl!

#15 - home cooked meals (66/143)
Friday night I made cheesy jambalaya with shrimp.  Karen and Brina joined us for dinner.  The Jambalaya was a great success!  No leftovers, boy was I shocked.  :-P  Malek started making his homemade beer...and I drank one too many Mojitos. 
Sunday night I made Italian lasagna.  This was my first time making lasagna (gasp, yes I know).  Besides taking a while to bake it was pretty easy.  Very tasty too! 

#40 - read more
Finished another book in the TrueBlood/Sookie Stackhouse series.  I started reading these books in July on my Alaskan trip and now I'm down to the last 2 books (out of 8)!  Go me.

Friday, August 21, 2009

#44 - Work out at least 3x's

#44 - Still going strong!  :-)  Plus now I'm trying to run outside vs. inside on the treadmill. 

Sunday:  Volleyball game
Monday:  Cardio/weight class
Tuesday:  Ran for 30 mins around the neighborhood in the evening...followed by sand VB for 2 hrs at Hanovers.
Wednesday:  Softball game
Thursday:  Ran for 35 mins around the neighborhood in the evening.
Friday:  REST!  :-D

Hopefully I can fit in another outdoors run on Saturday....

#15 - home cooked meals
Plan on making jambalaya tonight and lasagna on Sunday.  

#36 - Go to the Circus!
Saturday we have tickets to the 3:30pm show!  Can't wait, haven't been since I was a kid.  Hope Evan and Emma like it.  Pics to come.

Monday, August 17, 2009


Wow, accomplished a lot this weekend.

Ran the 5K for Clay in the morning.  My worst time ever for a race!  I've only been running inside, so definitely not trained to handle running outside in the heat.  :-(  The course actually ended up being 3.4 miles long instead of 3.1.  Took me 34mins and 40 seconds to do it.  Sad thing is my first mile was awesome, 8:50....then it just all went downhill.  The humidity and heat just killed me.  Gonna have to start running outside again, I have a race in Sept and the Race for the Cure in Nov to prepare for.  ugh! 

After the race we headed home to shower and change.  Then we took the kids downtown to the Austin ice cream festival.  I thought there would be more 'free' things but unfortunately no.  We were there for about 1.5 hrs.  The kids did the bungee jump, we had ice cream, the music was horrible, and it was super HOT!  The race and the heat just wiped us out.  So back to the house we went to recover.

Later that night we headed to 3rd Base for the Strikeforce fight: Carano vs. Cyborg.  Boy is MMA brutal!  The top fight, which featured women, was the most entertaining.

#41 – Donate clothes to charity (IP, 2/3).
  I started my (and Malek's and the kids) donation pile Jan 20th and it's just been sitting in my tub waiting to be taken to Goodwill.  Malek and I finally decided to drop it off in the morning as we headed out for errands.  We accomplished quite a bit.  Dropped of clothes at goodwill, lunch, clothes shopping, picked up the kids, grocery shopping....Malek then dropped me off at the house and took the kids back out for school clothes.  I walked Sarah, cleaned house, and made swiss enchiladas (#15. home cooked meals (64/143)), one of my favorite recipes from my childhood.  To my great delight, EVERYONE LOVED IT!  The entire pan was gone, no leftovers!  Amazing.  :-D  Last event of the weekend was our 8pm VB game.  Everyone crashed when we made it back home.

Monday, August 10, 2009

#44 – Work out at least 3x’s a week [IP]

Made it to the gym 3x's last week.  Also went for a short run Saturday morning.  :-)

Friday had a nice relaxing night in, Karen and Edmundo came over to hang out for a bit.  Rented a movie and was in bed around 11:30pm.
Saturday went to a pool party, picked up my new VW Passat then took the kids to a RR Express game (my first one this year).
Sunday we went to the original Salt Lick in Driftwood.  Yummy!  Followed by a 2 hour nap and a late VB game.

I'm still exhausted!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Busy weeks back from vacation

The past two weekends have been busy since I got back from Alaska!

Sat 7/25- Went tubing with several friends on the Comal.  It was crazy busy!  After we made it back home we decided to go dancing at GCS. 
Sun 7/26 - Cleaned house, laundry, uploaded pics from the cruise, relaxed

Monday it was back to work.

#44 - Work out at least 3x's a week [IP] still going strong!   Went to the gym 4 times last week.  Woot!

We were supposed to have a softball tourney this past weekend, but due to a torrential downpour in Killeen it was postponed.

Thurs 7/30- Malek made his fabulous lemon chicken with pasta. (#15 - home cooked meals 62/143)
Fri 7/31- EOQ HH at 3rd base, followed by a neighborhood party at Jenn's parents house.
Sat 8/1 - Had a few of the softball peeps over for a BBQ (#15 - home cooked meals 63/143) and then went to Trish's 30th b-day party.  Called it an early night, we were back home by 11pm.
Sun 8/2- Malek and I hit up several places looking for a new suit.  We finally found one we liked at Macy's, excellent deal too!  Volleyball game at 6pm and then back home to relax for the evening.

Managed to catch a few movies at the theater as well:  Angels & Demons, The Ugly Truth, Terminator Salvation

Finished another book this past week.  :-)  I'm doing good!  Granted they are all fiction (#40).  Now on book 3 of the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series.  Looking forward to renting the first season.