Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Busy weeks back from vacation

The past two weekends have been busy since I got back from Alaska!

Sat 7/25- Went tubing with several friends on the Comal.  It was crazy busy!  After we made it back home we decided to go dancing at GCS. 
Sun 7/26 - Cleaned house, laundry, uploaded pics from the cruise, relaxed

Monday it was back to work.

#44 - Work out at least 3x's a week [IP] still going strong!   Went to the gym 4 times last week.  Woot!

We were supposed to have a softball tourney this past weekend, but due to a torrential downpour in Killeen it was postponed.

Thurs 7/30- Malek made his fabulous lemon chicken with pasta. (#15 - home cooked meals 62/143)
Fri 7/31- EOQ HH at 3rd base, followed by a neighborhood party at Jenn's parents house.
Sat 8/1 - Had a few of the softball peeps over for a BBQ (#15 - home cooked meals 63/143) and then went to Trish's 30th b-day party.  Called it an early night, we were back home by 11pm.
Sun 8/2- Malek and I hit up several places looking for a new suit.  We finally found one we liked at Macy's, excellent deal too!  Volleyball game at 6pm and then back home to relax for the evening.

Managed to catch a few movies at the theater as well:  Angels & Demons, The Ugly Truth, Terminator Salvation

Finished another book this past week.  :-)  I'm doing good!  Granted they are all fiction (#40).  Now on book 3 of the Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series.  Looking forward to renting the first season.

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