Monday, August 17, 2009


Wow, accomplished a lot this weekend.

Ran the 5K for Clay in the morning.  My worst time ever for a race!  I've only been running inside, so definitely not trained to handle running outside in the heat.  :-(  The course actually ended up being 3.4 miles long instead of 3.1.  Took me 34mins and 40 seconds to do it.  Sad thing is my first mile was awesome, 8:50....then it just all went downhill.  The humidity and heat just killed me.  Gonna have to start running outside again, I have a race in Sept and the Race for the Cure in Nov to prepare for.  ugh! 

After the race we headed home to shower and change.  Then we took the kids downtown to the Austin ice cream festival.  I thought there would be more 'free' things but unfortunately no.  We were there for about 1.5 hrs.  The kids did the bungee jump, we had ice cream, the music was horrible, and it was super HOT!  The race and the heat just wiped us out.  So back to the house we went to recover.

Later that night we headed to 3rd Base for the Strikeforce fight: Carano vs. Cyborg.  Boy is MMA brutal!  The top fight, which featured women, was the most entertaining.

#41 – Donate clothes to charity (IP, 2/3).
  I started my (and Malek's and the kids) donation pile Jan 20th and it's just been sitting in my tub waiting to be taken to Goodwill.  Malek and I finally decided to drop it off in the morning as we headed out for errands.  We accomplished quite a bit.  Dropped of clothes at goodwill, lunch, clothes shopping, picked up the kids, grocery shopping....Malek then dropped me off at the house and took the kids back out for school clothes.  I walked Sarah, cleaned house, and made swiss enchiladas (#15. home cooked meals (64/143)), one of my favorite recipes from my childhood.  To my great delight, EVERYONE LOVED IT!  The entire pan was gone, no leftovers!  Amazing.  :-D  Last event of the weekend was our 8pm VB game.  Everyone crashed when we made it back home.

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  1. Boo on the race time, but it will get better!