Monday, August 31, 2009

Bring on the clowns! Part II

This past Saturday marked the 8th Annual Clown Crawl and Malek's virgin outing!  :-P

We met at Brian's house for an early dinner, homeslice pizza!, and to prepare for our transformations into clowns.  A couple hours later we were on our way towards Little Woodrows on 6th (always the starting point for the clown crawl).  I was shocked by how many clowns remembered me from last year!  This year was defintely a good one, way better than last yrs.  There were quite a few newbie clowns this year as well.  We lasted the entire time too, with the last stop always at Katz's Deli.  Nourishment is greatly needed after 8 hrs of drinking.  :-D

Tassel (Malek) had a great time and did us clowns proud!  Mwah!

~ Sunshine the Clown
Lefty, Sunshine, Tassel and Spanky 8/29/09      Sunshine and Tassel 8/29/09
Clown Crawl VIII, Littlefield Fountain 8/29/09

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